How I bought a distressed events company with 3.5 million turnover for £1

My life changed dramatically when I bought a competitor in the telecom industry for £1.

As a result of this deal, we grew by a year’s worth of sales in one afternoon.

And in this letter, you’re about learn how you can do the same too.

My name is Jeremy Harbour, and for the past two decades, I’ve bought and sold over 100 companies in many different industries.

I negotiated nearly all of these deals for close to zero cash upfront (Often just £1)… without getting into debt or using other people’s money.

These companies were in industries like telecom, IT, air conditioning, furniture manufacturing, seminar events, music schools, marketing, property services, engineering and many more.

When I negotiated each deal, I rarely used lawyers or accountants, Except for my IPO deals. My most recent being a company called “MBH Corporation PLC”. It is listed on the Frankfurt stock market.

Now, I didn’t get to this point by magic. I’m just a normal person like you.

So the question is: How did I secure deals where companies were happy to accept £1 upfront?

Let me explain:

The Financial Shortcut That Changed
My Life (And Income) Forever

In 1997, at 23 years of age, I started a telecoms company with £50. I bought business cards and used the money from my first sale to buy a computer.

It was a bootstrapped business.

Several years later, once I had decent success, competitors knocked on my door with offers to buy me out.

Week after week, I talked to potential buyers as they pitched me their deals.

Some meetings were better than others but they all had one thing in common: they all offered no money upfront.

Instead, they offered benefits down the track. Solutions that ironed out my cash flow, dealt with staff, found new customers and provided me capital to grow.

I was tempted. Somehow they pushed hot buttons I didn’t know I had!

It was at this moment I had a thought…

“Maybe I should try and acquire a business for no money down, just like these companies are attempting to do!”

Why You Need To Tune Into “Deal FM”

If you want to tune in to a particular station, you need to know the frequency it’s on.

Looking back, there were deals right under my nose everywhere, but sadly, I wasn’t tuned into the right frequency. I wasn’t tuned into “deal FM.”

After realizing this, I turned my focus to acquisition.

My first deal was actually a lot smaller than I now recommend beginners to target but it’s worth sharing the story.

I discovered a 13 year old mobile phone retailer in Slough, with a majority of business customers (one of their customers was Nintendo).

It was a perfect fit.

With 1,000 active mobile phone lines all on Cellnet (Later rebranded as O2), this was a lucrative deal for us.

Individually, each client was worth £165 due to a new customer commision offered by Vodafone. Therefore, once each user switched over, the deal was worth £165,000 to us (He was unaware of this fact).

However, the owner had one huge problem he couldn’t shake.

His lease was about to expire.

Relocating the business would cost him £70,000 yet he’d only make £12,000 per year by renewing his contracts for Cellnet.

Not an ideal situation.

He also made much more money renovating terrace houses. He converted them into two separate apartments and made around £60k profit per project.

If he could just free up his time, he could dedicate more time to that venture.

In a way, I was lucky.

The telecoms industry is famously low margin and capital intensive, I ran my own business hand to mouth, so I didn’t have the cash to offer him.

I tried to source funds from friends, family and investors but to no avail. As is quite common, he wanted at least some cash upfront. First, he wanted £15K, then £10K, and once his deadline loomed, he asked for just £2.5K.

I figured I’d find someone to lend me 2.5K… but I just couldn’t scrape it together.

The day the bulldozers turned up at his office, I signed the contract to buy his company for £1.

The deal offered no cash upfront but I paid him instalments as we switched his customers over to our business.

Driving back to the office, I had an epiphany that day.

I just grew my company by a year’s worth of sales in one afternoon and I didn’t use any cash to do it.

It was a game changer.

And that’s when I had my biggest business breakthrough…

The Wealth Secret
No One Talks About

Never again would I ever start a company from scratch when I could simply buy an existing company.

I was hooked.

I realised I could run the last 10 yards in a marathon and still win the trophy!

For the next 18 months I went on an empire building rampage. I bought 12 companies that together generated £13.5 million turnover and had over 100 employees.

This might sound impressive, but in reality it was an absolute nightmare to run. My days were punctuated by emergencies and problems at each business. Each month I simply stayed a float, surviving one payroll to the next.

Several months later I sold one of these companies. That’s when I learned one of the most valuable wealth building secrets of my life:

You don’t make money running companies, you make money selling them.

I soon learnt a painful lesson from one of the companies I had decided to keep. I had a small call centre business that made about £200,000 profit per quarter.

I kept the business because it had a very lucrative long term contract with the world’s largest insurance provider (AIG).

In hindsight, that was the perfect reason to sell it. The new buyer would have loved that.

However, this was just before they famously ran into the financial problems that lead to their bankruptcy.

I could have sold the company for millions but instead sold it for £1.

The lesson learnt? The best time to sell a company is now.

Any reasons you can give me about why you should keep it, are exactly the same reasons you should sell.

For the next 20 years, I dedicated my life to buying and selling companies. To date, I’ve completed over 100 deals.

I bought and sold many businesses. Many were a raging success, while others were learning experiences.

However, it was my 12th deal – the one I mentioned at the beginning of this letter – that changed everything.

How I Bought A 3.5 Million Revenue
Seminar Company For £1 Upfront

Back in 2010, two Australian business partners flew to the UK to sell their struggling seminar company.

Their UK business generated sales but hemorrhaged so much cash that the Australia parent company was fed up constantly bailing them out.

They gave themselves two weeks to secure a deal.

Their asking price: £300,000.

Surprisingly, two of the competitors they pitched knew me. They didn’t want to buy but said, “You should speak to Jeremy, he buys companies.”

I met them both on a Wednesday.

After looking at the business, I noticed it wasn’t worth £300,000. It broke the golden rule of business: have more money coming in than going out.

Generally, the seminar training space is a high profit industry. Therefore, it was clear that their problem was bad cash flow management.

They didn’t have accounts or forecasts, In fact, it would be impossible to sell the business to anyone else. There was no way they would pass any form of due diligence from a potential buyer.

With two successful businesses back in Australia, their UK subsidiary was just becoming a big pain in the arse for them.

They were motivated to sell before they flew home. And so…

I Made An Offer
They Couldn’t Refuse

The clock was ticking.

With 2 days until they flew back to Australia, the owners were keen to sell.

They couldn’t even provide the information needed to make a deal happen. However, I noticed that this trip was the one thing they hung their hopes on.

So here’s what I said:

“Give me a 60% stake in the company now for £1 with the option to buy the other 40% for £300,000 once I fixed the problems.

They agreed.

I pressed the pen to paper and signed my name.

They did the same.

I held the contract in my hands. I looked down at the paper with excitement.

I did it.

I had just bought my largest company to date.

I just bought 60% of a company with 3.5 million turnover for £1.

All outgoing payments had to be frozen while we did the due diligence to make sure we were not preferring any creditors over others. After 30 days, the company even had £300,000 cash in the bank!

I rang Dan Priestly and thanked him for the referral. That’s when he said, “So how much did you pay for it?”

“£1”, I said, “That’s what I always pay for companies.”

“Really? I would have bought it for £1! I really need to learn this stuff!”

How I Made My Strategies
Available To Entrepreneurs

The events company I bought for £1 ran an 800 person multi-speaker event and they invited me to give a talk. I did a presentation on how to buy companies with no money down deals.

The result? Hoards of people asked me to consult, mentor or sit on their board of directors in a non-executive position.

I declined.

But I came up with an idea.

Rather than consult and help four or five people, I created a course to help anyone buy and sell companies. As long as they had determination, drive and a phone, they could do it.

Welcome To The World Of Mergers & Acquisitions

Fact: You don’t make money running businesses. Why?

It’s a common practice to think that you have to work hard running a business to get wealthy… those that have secured real wealth are usually less operationally involved in their business so they have more time to think about the bigger picture.

Out of the following people, none of them became rich from running a business… in-fact they only achieved that goal either when they sold their own businesses or acquired and sold another business…

Richard Branson
Richard Branson made his money when he sold Virgin music to Thorn EMI for 510 million, it was a HUGE deal… and fixed his finances… before that day he admits that he was borderline insolvent.
Philip Green
Philip Green bought Arcadia Group PLC in 2002 for next to nothing which then became a private company and was de-listed from the London Stock Exchange. He then paid himself a 1.6 billion pound (GBP) dividend shortly after (the largest ever dividend in history).
Theo Paphitis
Theo Paphitis bought La Senza for £1 & 40 packs of Benson & Hedges in 1998 which he then went on to sell for 100 Million in 2006 to Lion Capital.
James Caan
James Caan sold final economic interest in his recruitment company, the Alexander Mann Group (founded in 1985) in 2007 to Graphite Private Equity in a 100 million management buy-out, led by Rosaleen Blair.
Peter Jones
Peter Jones bought and sold generation telecom (founded in 2001) which was sold for millions of pounds within 2 years of starting up (which was a distressed acquisition).
Deborah Meaden
Deborah Meaden made her money from selling her stake in Weststar Holidays. In 2005 she made a partial exit when Weststar was sold in a deal worth £33 million to Phoenix Equity Partners.

Finding Opportunities: For 6-7 Figure Profits.

  • Qualifying Leads: Discover why 500k to 5 million revenue companies are in the sweet spot for doing deals. 3 research tools for finding an endless supply of leads and how to pick the right industry (this last tip can boost your exit value by up-to 300%). – PLUS learn why London is almost always the worse place for deal hunting.
  • 11 Psychological Triggers of a Motivated Seller: Understanding these triggers is the key to unlocking the creative deal structures that give sellers what they want, while structuring a deal for no money upfront without borrowing or debt. Once you understand these triggers, then creating a WIN-WIN deal will be effortless. – PLUS “The Perfect Storm” when 3 of these triggers are combined together, you are likely to close the deal on the spot.
  • Sourcing Motivated Sellers: The worst deals are the ones already listed for sale. Discover 4 unique methods for sourcing motivated sellers who want to deal on your terms (i.e. give you their equity without requiring any of your cash).

"It has been absolutely enlightening – The big part of the weekend for me is just how practical the ideas are – a lot of new tools I can use immediately."

- Doreen & Anita
  • Contacting Motivated Sellers: When contacting motivated sellers what medium to use? Phone? … Email?…Business postal address? … Social media? Nope, none of the above. So what is the best method of contact? Find out on day 2.
  • Avoid These Businesses: Avoid businesses you cannot explain in a sentence. They are very hard to sell. It’s easier to sell boring sounding companies like air conditioning or cleaning services because more people understand them (this expands your market of potential buyers). Other things to avoid include businesses with excessive bank debentures & overhead intensive businesses (these are hard to fix and profit from).
  • Acquisition Gold Mine: Revealed the 4 part business sourcing process. How to qualify, contact & close a deal in 4 simple steps – PLUS discover a simple method for finding companies looking for 2nd round funding. Why would you want these leads? Because no one asks for not quite enough money to start a business, so 2nd round funding is a “code word” for fucked it up the first time and the original investors are not interested in sinking more cash into it (aka a very distressed business).

    "Highly recommend the Harbour Club to any business owner who wants to build real wealth."

    - Nick James

Avoid These Four Types of People:

Why should you never use accountants, insolvency practitioners, business brokers or lawyers when buying a business? – One person actually decided to attend the course after spending £20,000 on these people which resulted in him not buying a business (a very common mistake).

Accountants & lawyers are counter productive because they have an incentive to put obstacles in the way to prevent the deal from getting done. The longer it drags on the more fees they collect. This often leads to the deal falling through…

I sat next to a lawyer on a flight from Singapore to Spain once while he was talking. He worked at a company that did the legal contracts for large Merger and Acquisition deals. After talking for many hours I decided to ask him how much his company charged clients “about £100,000” he said…What do you do…download a free template off the internet and edit it? I asked half joking…his reply? “Yeah…pretty much…”

After the Harbour Club course we give you a USB with all the legal contracts and documents we use for our deals. These were custom made just for the deal types we are teaching you. These have all been battle tested and refined over the last 15 years. This will be your tool box for closing deals without needing to hire expensive lawyers.

Insolvency practitioners (IP) are usually more concerned with lining their own pockets with fees than paying back creditors…So it won’t be possible to do a no-money-down deal with them.

Forget buying the assets of a dead business at fire-sale prices from an IP. In the Harbour Club we will show you how to find a business before the IP does so you can structure a deal to acquire the assets along with the fully operational business for only £1.

Business brokers bamboozle their clients with exaggerated valuations for their business (to lure them into paying their exuberant listing fees). Once this process has taken place, it is near impossible to get the business owner to accept any reasonable price.

If you use an accountant to help you buy a business you will find they treat the buying of a business like a procurement process.

They will tend to spend a lot of time picking holes in things to try and hammer down the price (and increase the hours they can bill you for) this will destroy any rapport you built up with the potential seller. Rapport is everything, why hammer down the price when you can buy it for £1?

With the Harbour Club strategies you will discover how to buy a business without risking any money (well…not any more than £1 anyway). More importantly, you will be able to do it without needing to pay any of the 4 people mentioned above.


"The most amazing business course – completely changed the way I think about how to run a business and do business – Highly recommend it to anyone!"

- Chris Matthews

Handling Enquiries: Turning Leads Into Deals

  • Deal Closing Machine: How to close a deal in the first meeting by using the “last man standing” method of negotiation. This will save you many days wasted in travel and meetings. Use the “reverse table side” method to get contract clauses agreed upon quickly with little or no resistance. – PLUS use the Harbour Club “cut and paste” contract clauses to make ironclad contracts effortlessly like a pro.
  • Negotiation Secrets: Don’t buy any more books on negotiation because Jeremy’s method of negotiation works for closing 6-7 figure deals, and it can be learnt in 20 minutes or less.
  • Deal Making Mindset: Discover how to slingshot your deal closing rate by up-to 500% by simply using this unique Harbour Club approach. It’s as easy as changing your mindset (hint: it’s the opposite of what everybody else does when approaching an acquisition).

"The course has been absolutely fantastic – I have learnt a lot of things – I will be implementing them this week."

- James Hadly
  • Phone Persuasion: Discover one powerful unwritten rule of telephone etiquette (that even you unknowingly follow) that can turn the tables on your conversation (and get your questions answered). What is the one thing you must say immediately when answering the phone in order to keep control of the conversation? – Find out on day 1.
  • Stakeholders: The directors, shareholders & key employees might not be the only decision-makers in a business; it could also be advisors, friends or even the owner’s spouse. One word from these invisible company officers and your deal could go south. Learn how to identify and deal with stakeholders to make deals go smoothly.
  • I Hate Due-Diligence: It’s expensive, boring & time consuming…but necessary right? What if you could get your due-diligence done for free without any extra work…and even better…have it more complete than if you did it yourself or paid £100,000 to hire professionals to do the job for you? Find out how on day 2.

"My biggest take away from the course is the deal structures & and how to structure a deal to buy a business for £1."

- Mohsin Patel

Structuring Deals: Buying A Company With No Money Upfront

  • WIN-WIN Deals: Discover how to use the Harbour Club negotiation tactics to figure out the sellers motivations (what they really want). Then use the Harbour Club deal structuring strategies to give it to them without using any capital or debt.
  • Case Study: How one man’s wife wanting to turn his home office into a nursery landed Jeremy an entire IT company for £1 and how one simple tweak doubled its turnover in 12 months…the best bit? Creative deal structuring…how he then used it as currency to buy a majority shareholding in a much larger IT firm.
  • Merger Strategies: An often overlooked but very simple and flexible strategy. Discover how you can use one of your no money down deals as currency to buy an equity stake in a much larger business. How to use it as a succession planning tool, or simply just build a much larger business and use a stock market listing as an exit.
  • Deal Structures: Forget everything you learnt about deal structures from your MBA. These rely heavily on debt. Discover 9 new ways to get more leverage in a deal that does not require any cash or borrowing.

"What I learnt absolutely blew me a way – you are going to learn some awesome techniques you would never have guessed about!"

- Tom Crisp

“Debt” the crack epidemic of SME’s

Keeping with the crack analogy, often the solution to a crack epidemic is not to go get more crack…the same can be said for business debt.

There is no need to take on debt with the Harbour Club strategies, but we feel the course would not be complete without a mini crash course on the 7 types of leverage that most businesses use to fix short-term cash flow issues.

Bonus Sourcing Tip: If you do lead generation for any of these 7 types of leverage you will probably find some good motivated sellers in those lists (you can sell the leads too) Want an example? – 1 of these 7 types of finance is invoice factoring. Setting up a marketing campaign to generate leads for invoice factoring means you could sell the leads to an invoice factoring company and make a small profit, and be left with a nice list of distressed businesses to approach.

  • Never Pay Cash: 10 template deal structures you can use to close deals without using any cash – PLUS for people selling on the price earnings (PE) valuation model, discover 5 ways to boost your PE without using sales or marketing.

"Best training course on anything business related that I have ever attended!"

- Dan Bradbury

Insolvency Law: The Insider Secrets

  • Insolvency Secrets: Discover how to buy companies through the Insolvency process using these 5 proven deal templates (100% legal). You will learn how insolvency works; (liquidation, CVA, administration). – PLUS one simple tip to cut your debt in half and inject 6 figures of extra profit into your P&L without any changes to the company operations, sales or marketing.
  • Killing it Cheaply: Discover how to kill an insolvent company without using insolvency (saving you the £5,000 fee to the insolvency practitioner). This is 100% legal and has full backing by the creditors. We discovered this by accident many years ago, and continue to use it on deals even today.

"In this video from a Harbour Club course back in 2009 – Jeremy shares some of his strategies that use Insolvency law to structure no money down deals. This is part 1"

- Jeremy Harbour

"In this video from a Harbour Club course back in 2009 – Jeremy shares some of his strategies that use Insolvency law to structure no money down deals. This is part 2"

- Jeremy Harbour

"This course teaches you how to take a company that is in a bit of trouble and instantly turn it into a cash positive company. I have done an MBA & the tools there are nothing to what Jeremy has to offer."

- Nick Winton

Financial Engineering: A Bridge To Instant Profits

If your business turnover is £500,000 or more, then this alone could make back your course fee within a couple of weeks of returning home

  • Easy Cash Injection: Discover how to take a company with 10 or more employees and inject up-to 15% of their yearly revenue back into the business as cash. It only takes one phone call to do and requires no upfront cash. (It also DOES NOT involve firing anyone, reducing hours, outsourcing or even cutting wages – operationally nothing in the business even has to change).
  • Financial Engineering: Amazing tactics to uncover profit hidden in your business (without increasing sales). If your business turnover is £500,000 or more, then this alone could make back your course fee within a couple of weeks of returning home.
  • Personal Guarantee Magic: How to make “Personal Guarantees” disappear almost like magic using this financial engineering strategy (that works on almost all SME businesses). – Case Study: How Jeremy bought a PR company for £1 on the basis he gets rid of their personal guarantees in excess of £85,000 on their overdraft (and fixes their payroll of 17k due a week later). He then made those PG’s disappear like magic without using any of his own money or borrowing, selling the business only months later for $2,000,000 USD to a company in the USA.

"It is an excellent course – I highly recommend it. This is not some text book accountancy by numbers kind of thing or a run of the mill learning… this is nitty gritty, spit and sawdust real world stuff. This is how it is done. Real businesses, real problems and how to fix them."

- Karl Whitfield
  • Why Fire Your Best Sales People?: Find out how cutting your sales and marketing team might not only make your business more profitable but actually increase its value when it comes time to sell. Sound ridiculous? Well…it works…the real question should be how to stop the rest of the staff from leaving after this happens. But wait; there is a strategy for that one too…
  • Vertical Integration: Strategies to transform areas of profit loss in a business into profit gains by using vertical integration. – PLUS How to mine undiscovered profit lying dormant in your database.
  • The Immortal Business: Discover how to create an invincible business structure. One that is immune to insolvency, litigation & bankruptcy… Protect your assets, intellectual property & your operational infrastructure by exploiting this unique “silo based licensing strategy”.

    "Stuart Davis – I would recommend anyone who is an entrepreneur to do the Harbour Club if you can. It’s the best investment you could probably make in yourself and in your business."

    - Stuart Davis

Protecting Yourself: With Financial Ninjutsu

  • Bullet-Proof Purchase Agreement: How to turn the simple age old purchase agreement into a contract more powerful than anything a lawyer could ever draft, (no legal experience required). This is very out-of-the-box thinking, but it’s so powerful that a friend of Jeremy’s (an insolvency practitioner) working for Baker Tilly, one of the largest accountancy firms in the UK now recommends this strategy to all his clients).
  • The 51% Myth: Whoever has 51% or more of a company’s shares has complete control over the company…right? WRONG! – Discover one simple tweak you can make to the shareholders agreement that will give you the same power as a majority shareholder even if you only have 1% of the company.

"The best business course I have ever been on bar none."

- Dan Taylor
  • Compete Clause: How to stop the previous business owners from stealing your best staff & customers and going into direct competition with you? Use a “Non-Compete Clause” right? – Nope…let me explain… “Non-Compete Clauses” don’t work anymore, they are a violation of human rights under EU law…and to enforce one requires going to the high court (which will cost £60,000+ and you will probably lose). So what is the solution? Discover one simple strategy & get your hands on a proven contract template you can use that will leave you secretly wishing they do steal your customers.
  • Trade Secrets: Private equity companies use convertible loans (which can be converted into shares at a time of your choosing) because you have more control legally over the company when it owes you money… But, how to use them to guarantee that you get paid from your deals? All will be covered in the financial engineering section of the course.
  • Forbidden Actions: Discover 3 things you must never do as a director. Most directors do at least one of these without realising they are breaking the law… Do you? Find out on day 1.

Cash Flow Tactics: Because Cash Is King

  • Cash Is King: Discover the 3 step formula for fixing the long-term cash-flow problems in almost any business type. You don’t go bust from a lack of sales, profit or turnover; it’s a lack of cash that will bury you alive. PLUS – Discover how to save a business only weeks away from closing its doors (using Jeremy’s 8 week cash-flow forecast strategy).
  • The Truth about Redundancy: It’s not as bad as you think…revealed: “The unfair dismissal myth” – PLUS why redundancy might be shockingly cheaper than you expect.

"Steve Edwards – Fantastic location, Fantastic food & Fantastic company. I am really impressed with Jeremy’s approach. The techniques are unique. I am going to use 1 or 2 of the strategies right away as soon as I get back home. I really recommend the course"

- Steve Edwards
  • Cash Flow Metrics: People don’t understand the relationship between cash and profit. The truth is that there is none. Being able to measure cash-flow in a business (not profit) is vital to keep a business healthy, but no such metric or KPI (key performance indicator) seems to exist. Jeremy invented “cash flow metrics” to help measure and improve cash flow. Learn how to unlock the cash hidden in your balance sheet.
  • Rapid Debt Collection: What if you could collect on most of the company’s debts within 7 days? Would that fix a cash-starved business? Discover one simple but overlooked strategy for being able to collect debts at lighting speed. It’s simple, effective & easy to implement, but you have probably never heard of anyone doing this…

"James & Moran – There are a lot of things we learnt here” “My favourite bit was about how to buy a bank with no money and I wished I had known that years ago” “If you are ever thinking of coming to the Harbour Club then don’t even think twice just come here"

- James & Moran

Exit Strategies: Time To Bring Home The Bacon…

  • Learning from Mistakes: A wise man learns from his mistakes. A genius learns from other peoples. Case Study: How Jeremy turned one of the first businesses he acquired (a call centre) with a £300,000 hole in the balance sheet into a £150,000 profitable company with a contract with the largest insurance company in the world…then lost it…and sold it for £1… Using the latest Harbour Club course strategies he could have turned that into a 7 figure deal instead of a 1 figure deal. Learn to avoid making this mistake to create a shortcut to your first 7 figure deal.
  • IPO Windfall Exit Strategy: When selling your company privately, you’ll be lucky to get 2-5 times its yearly profit. If you’re large enough you could use an IPO to exit your shares for up-to 15 times profit. This is an advanced strategy. Jeremy will give you case studies of IPO’s he has worked on.
  • How Much Is Your Business Worth? Harvard business school has 126 ways to value a business. Only a handful of these are worth using. Learn how to use these models selectively to get the best price for your business during your negotiations.

"Keith Nixon – I am a chartered accountant with an MBA, I have learnt how to create massive wealth for both others and myself from this course, I would certainly recommend it."

- Keith Nixon
  • Selling is Buying: Discover 7 ways to source buyers for your business (not including business brokers). Selling a business is a bit like buying one in reverse (so you can re-use a lot of the same tactics from buying one) most importantly you can use the same due-diligence file you produced when buying the business in the first place.
  • How to Guarantee You Get Paid: When selling a business most deals include some kind of deferral but what is wrong with this model? It very rarely gets paid… Why? Because it implies some kind of warranty and is very hard legally to enforce. It requires going to the high court which will cost £60,000+ and even then you might not win. How to make sure you get paid every penny you are promised and if they don’t pay, how to legally regain control of the company so you can sell it again? Find out in the financial engineering section of the course on day 2.
  • The Exit – Who is your best customer? Your best customer is the person who buys your business. Discover how to find them…they might be closer to home than you think (hint: your suppliers could all be candidates). PLUS – How to spot things in a business that could be worth more than the business itself (commonly overlooked).

    "Martin Norbury – My business helps other businesses scale, one area that was lacking was experience in the SME market for exiting the business. This has been my main take away from the course. This has been an amazing 3 days. Come out here and join Jeremy to see for yourself"

    - Martin Norbury

How To Close 7 Figure Deals

A lot of new case studies have been added to the Harbour Club, here is a sneak peak at six new 7 figure deal strategies recently field tested and added to the course:

  • How to Buy a Bank Without Using any Money: Discover how Jeremy bought a bank in America with a hundred million in assets… For no money upfront (without debt) – PLUS find out how to structure a 100% risk free deal like this yourself. There are more than 7,000 banks in the US… Globally many thousands more… They all have the same fundamental challenges that Jeremy will show you how to solve.
  • IPO Exit Strategy: The two big drivers for a company valuation are scale and liquidity (ability to buy and sell shares easily). Discover how to correctly structure an IPO to achieve compound growth in these two areas as quickly as possible.
  • Back Door Listing: An IPO is expensive… Unless you use this little known method. Discover how to do an IPO for 80% less than going through an investment bank or corporate finance company. By using this sneaky (but perfectly legal) back door route to a main market listing.
  • Virtual Roll-Up 2.0: The same concept as 1.0 (how to buy and sell multiple companies in one deal for 7 figures without even having to own them)… – However a lot has been added to the virtual roll-up strategy recently (from ideas Jeremy has tested out in the field) – For example, a new approach to corporate management and management for generation Y – PLUS a great way to create big companies fast… All this with well established market leading profitable companies (rather than distressed).

You can watch the video for the virtual roll up strategy 1.0 (old version) at this link:

  • Going Global: How to do more cross-border, multi-jurisdiction deals so you are not left at the mercy of your local economy. Time to diversify and protect yourself against geopolitical risk.
  • Jurisdiction Arbitrage: Jurisdiction arbitrage and the IPO inversion strategy… This is all about using global solutions to maximise value… – An example of one of the many deal types in this category is: 1) Finding an established UK company and 2) Acquiring businesses from emerging markets under its name. Why? – Because a company in the UK gets a better valuation than a company in Asia, but a company in Asia has much easier profits than the UK… So put them together and you get a UK company doing well in Asia that you can sell for over 500% more than you could if they were separate. (Case studies included).

What do you get when you join the Harbour Club?

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Welcome to the “Pre-Course”.

After paying the deposit and completing registration, you will get access to the pre-course videos. Get started right away and study at your own pace.

Inside you will learn the business fundamentals. These are prerequisites to fully understanding the formal Harbour Club course (3-day online live event).

There is no time limit; you can attend the 3-day event whenever you are ready.

The Harbour Club Course

It will take place in real-time online, over three days. After the event, you will be equipped and ready to start buying and selling businesses.

Don’t worry; we are continually planning new events. Your ticket does not expire. Take your time with the pre-course, and we will discuss the next available event date with you after completion.

Apart from the lectures on strategies and case studies, the event will also include live Q&A and even some video networking sessions during breaks.

The course is intensive and includes 10-12 hours of content each day (variable due to Q&A).

You will also get Jeremy’s personal WhatsApp and Skype details so you can ask him questions directly any-time in the future after the course has finished.

The Harbour Club App

On the 3rd day, you get initiated into the online Harbour Club community (1,500 members strong). Available on iOS/Android and Web.

You will get access to free mastermind groups, global joint venture opportunities, advice and support, the latest strategies, legal documents, and so much more.

Bonus #1: 12 Weeks Free Coaching

You have the option to be paired with an experienced Harbour Club deal maker inside the community who has been hand-picked by Jeremy to get you started sourcing deals in the first 12 weeks.

Each week you would join the weekly call and share your progress. This allows you to get support, guidance and sets you up for success, knowing you’re part of a group that must report progress every week.

Watch how this led to 8 out of 12 new delegates getting their first deal done within 8 weeks:

This offer is a pilot test and not normally included with the course; we could remove this offer from the sales page at any-time. If you want to lock-in your free coaching then paying your deposit today would be a smart move.

Bonus #2: Dealfest Event

Attend this 3-day long social event in person. Meet Jeremy Harbour, our top dealmakers, the harbour club team and other regular members.

Hear members of the community share case studies of their deals with live Q&A with Jeremy about the Harbour Club strategies involved. Food and refreshments provided.

Enjoy a beverage or two in the evening while networking at this members-only event.

Locations and times to be confirmed. Multiple events planned.

Due to limited space, we reserve the right to remove this bonus from the sales page at any-time. If you would like to meet Jeremy in person, you can secure this offer by paying your deposit today.

After Course Support

After course support is 100% free for our members. (It’s not linked to any payment plan).

You get Jeremy’s “Skype ID” to message anytime for advice on deals you’re working on.

You get “members only” bonus content. Including Q&A videos (which you can submit questions for). – PLUS videos with case studies and insights from our members.

You’re invited to the “Inner Circle” which includes the opportunity to join free mastermind groups.

The inner circle is a forum where you can keep in touch with the members from your course, share advice, partner up, post your success stories and motivate each other to break your deal virginity.

This has been very successful. We used to run support from WhatsApp groups however the feedback was that the forum format is much easier to use. Here are some screen shots from our older WhatsApp support groups: (Click on the images below to enlarge them)


"Case Study: How Steve did 3 deals in 2 months (Including one 7 figure deal)"

- Steve Pratt

"Case Study: How Paul closed 4 deals in 8 weeks – Paul Seabridge"

- Paul Seabridge

"Case Study: 1.2 million sized deal and 49% share for no cash upfront – Beverley Merriman"

- Beverley Merriman

"Case Study: 4 deals using the Harbour Club strategies – Lee Johnson"

- Lee Johnson

"Case Study: How did Tony grow his company by 15% in 8 weeks"

- Tony Messer

"Case Study: How Del closed a deal on the first meeting?"

- Del Thomas

"Case Study: 4 deals including an 18 million a year trucking company"

- Chris Isbell

"Case Study: Jeanette from Sweden closed 2 deals in less then 3 months"

- Jeanette Holm

"Case Study: How Paul closed 2 six-figure deals 10 days after Harbour Club – Paul Seabridge"

- Paul Seabridge

"Case Study: How Liam closed his first deal by merging his IT company – Liam Bowmer"

- Liam Bowmer

"Case Study: How Richard bought a distressed training company for £1"

- Richard Brady

"Case Study: How Craig, who attended the second ever Harbour Club, is now doing deals in the US"

- Craig Boddington

"Case Study: Lee closed a deal in 3 weeks by merging two IT businesses. His business is now 7 times bigger since going on the Harbour Club."

- Lee Smith

"Case Study: Mark bought a distressed Telecoms company for 85p within 3 months of finishing the course."

- Mark Masiak

"Case Study: Charlene did her first no money down deal on a 900K revenue recruitment business. All within three months."

- Charlene Coleman

"Case Study: Wayne used the “Deal Pie” strategy taught in the Harbour Club to Purchase a 1.4 Million Pound Refrigerating Business after joining the Harbour Club."

- Wayne Tica

"Case Study: Stephen bought 75% of a 2.5 Million deal. He used some interesting strategies to buy his first B2B business."

- Stephen Kennedy

"Case Study: George implemented the Harbour Club strategies to secure 50% of 5 million revenue business in New York."

- George Athan

"Case Study: Del bought the first of his 4 businesses post-Harbour Club, which interestingly enough is the salon where he cuts his hair."

- Del

"Case Study: Ross bought an occupational health business to bolt on to his own."

- Ross Tomkins

"Case Study: Simon bought a healthcare recruitment business."

- Simon Berry

"Video Quote: “Doing 7 figure deals, how to buy, merge and sell multiple companies at the same time (without even having to own them).” – Dan Bradbury – Owner of Dan Bradbury Ltd –"

- Dan Bradbury

"Matt Trimmer Case Study – Six Figure Deal In 30 Days”"

- Matt Trimmer

"Case Study: How Craig Did His First 7 Figure Deal…"

- Craig Boddington

"Case Study: How Charles Did A 6 Figure Deal In 37 Days – Charles Batholomew"

- Charles Batholomew




"Andrew Baynes interview before doing the course"

- Andrew Baynes

"Andrew Baynes interview after doing the course"

- Andrew Baynes

"Grant McGowan interview after doing the Harbour Club course"

- Grant McGowan

"Lee Taylor interview after doing the Harbour Club course"

- Lee Taylor

"Simon interview after doing the Harbour Club course"

- Simon

"FAQ by Jeremy Harbour answering common questions about the Harbour Club course"



Karl Whitfield
“Wow!! My head is literally spinning, thank you Jeremy for sharing so much of your wisdom and experience. It has been such a valuable and exciting experience. This is not some textbook theory. This is the real, gritty, spit and saw dust. I am stoked to get cracking. Awesome & fun weekend. Thank you!” – Karl Whitfield – Business Owner of MND Health Limited
Endorsement: “I am really pleased I followed my instinct and joined The Harbour Cub, my initial concerns have been lifted and I think this will be the start of a great adventure. Looking forward to working with such a bright group of guys and learning loads. Thanks Jeremy for a great weekend, looking forward to more luxury villas and champagne.” – Kam

"Video Quote: “Best training course on anything business related that I have ever attended” – Dan Bradbury – Owner of Dan Bradbury Ltd –"

- Dan Bradbury
Endorsement: “I came with high expectations and all were thoroughly exceeded” – Name withheld – senior M&A person from a division of Microsoft
Charles Bartholomew
“Overriding impression was of an event professionally put together and providing excellent value on a number of levels – The concept itself, providing a clear end-to-end process for buying “distressed” companies effectively for no cash up front. A number of useful processes and insights, any one of which could likely have justified the investment in the event. Excellent connections to providers of high value services. Good contacts with other people attending the event. Both venue and catering were to a very high standard.” – Charles Bartholomew – Chartered Accountant – Executive of the Institute for Independent Business (IIB) –
Nick Winton
“Pragmatic, practical and hugely valuable. Thank you Jeremy for packaging so many tools and techniques that make a fast start a possibility. Looking forward to a long term connection and exciting opportunities to share with you. I have done an MBA, the tools there are nothing compared to what Jeremy has to offer” – Nick Winton – Non Executive –
“All I can say is “wow”, with an accountancy and finance background this really hits home to see how business really works. We are now on the verge of our first acquisition which I hope will be the first of many. A new direction in my business life, cheers” – Richard

"Video Quote From Doreen & Anita “It has been absolutely enlightening – The big part of the weekend for me is just how practical the ideas are – a lot of new tools I can use immediately” “You get so many strategies you will get your money back in no time at all”"

- Doreen & Anita


Just like to say a big thank you for sharing your experiences and teaching me about doing deals.

I came back from the course feeling like I was on a cloud. I have already arranged a meeting to make an offer on my first acquisition £14.5m t/o logistics company.

They are keen to sell to me and I’m going to make an offer next week. I am also working on an offer for a £300m t/o Global logistics company and I am in discussions with the Vice President who is onboard with my idea. He will become the President once I take over. I am in the process of raising funds.

I wouldn’t of done any of this without doing the Harbour Club it was the best thing I ever did. Thank you so much.

Kind Regards
Graham Hayes
Courier Post Logistics Ltd


"Video Testimonial Quote: “Information you cannot get anywhere else – highly recommended” – Paul Higgs – CEO of Millbank Group"

- Paul Higgs – CEO of Millbank Group

“The Harbour Club has changed my life. I completed the course in 2017 and did my first deal 6 weeks later. Now, I’ve done over 30 no money down deals and several exits – including a 20m revenue company with 1 million of annual profit and a 50m revenue company making 2.4m. Thanks to Jeremy’s strategies, I’m able to live abroad and spend more time with my family and friends all while doing deals. There are a lot of people out there selling M&A courses but most are just good marketers. Jeremy is the real deal. He has completed hundreds of deals and I’ve partnered with him on several of them. If you’re considering the course, just do it! It’ll be the best decision you ever make.”

Paul Seabridge – Business Investor


"Nick James: “Highly recommend the Harbour Club to any business owner who wants to build real wealth”"

- Nick James
Moshin Patel
Endorsement: “Well, what can I say, it’s been an awesome weekend and I’ve learnt a lot. I never knew strategies like these existed and I am looking forward to using them in the coming months.” – Moshin Patel – Barclays Wealth
Endorsement: “What a fantastic life changing few days! Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity to learn from all your mistakes and successes over the last 8 years! Hopefully this might help me bi-pass some of that pain and move quickly onto making some serious money and have fun doing it! Cheers to lots of future win win deals. It all starts here.” – Jamie
Marco Robert
“Not only did Jeremy actually super-exceed my expectations, it beyond that. We learned strategies here that are not available to anyone. We learned strategies here that only the super-rich have access to.” – Marco Robert – Business Consultant
Dan Taylor
“Thanks for an awesome few days. I will have hell to pay on my return as I missed my 20th anniversary (between you and I don’t tell Elaine my wife), I would do it again. Jeremy’s approach has taken my outlook and moved it to a whole new level of understanding that will have a dramatic impact on my business life and those around me. Fantastic life changing experience” – Dan Taylor

"Chris Mathews “The most amazing business course – completely changed the way I think about how to run a business and do business – Highly recommend it to anyone”"

- Chris Mathews

Just a quick thanks – the weekend was awesome. Really worthwhile!

Jeremy was just fantastic, and the info he shared was really smart but put into really actionable steps which should make it easy to make some of the stuff actually happen. I’m already setting some wheels in motion and hope to have done some deals over the coming months.

If ever you need any testimonials or anyone to pass potential attendees onto for references etc I’m happy to do so.

Also just a side point in all the marketing and his online presence Jeremy comes across as a completely different person than he is in ‘real life’ – before the course I wasn’t really convinced the support was there and how much he’d really care, but having met him and heard his story, seeing he’s a really genuine guy and has an amazing back story and ‘why’ etc wish I’d known that before as it would have made committing far easier – sure I’m not the only one, so thought it was worth mentioning.

Thanks again

Dave Gillard


"James Hadly – “The course has been absolutely fantastic – I have learnt a lot of things – I will be implementing them this week”"

- James Hadly

Thank you Jeremy!

Your 4-step process to closing 6-7 figures deals really proves it is far better to work at your business than in your business. Awesome, fully packed course, even added with continuing practical support after the course. On top of all: the agglomeration model, a super wealth creating strategy for SME. Already implementing all learned in real world!

Frank Reijnen

James Hadley
Endorsement: “What an eye opener! While being aware that some of the things we have learnt are possible I never dreamed that I would feel able & equipped to implement them. A fantastic weekend, learning skills to propel my career & take things to the next level. Now for action!!” James Hadley – Tax Consultant

Malcolm Howe
Endorsement: “Absolutely amazing! Takes thinking outside of the box to a whole new level. Thank you Jeremy.” – Malcolm Howe – Property Investor

"Mohsin Patel – “My biggest take away from the course is the deal structures & and how to structure a deal to buy a business for £1”"

- Mohsin Patel


To sum up the course one of the most practical and authentically delivered courses I have ever been on. Jeremy tells it warts and all so that you understand the processes and also the reality of making the changes. For someone that is looking to change their career like myself this really opened up my eyes to a new way of looking at business and a way to practically make money. Don’t be embarrassed to say you want to make money resonates. The people I met were outstanding and took part in a way that I found to be truly motivating. I am one day off the course and we have already challenged each other as to next steps with some throwing down the gauntlet and all ready to help one another. I would thoroughly recommend this course to anyone and suggest dust off the old accounts book and read before you attend.

Jamie Levy

Business Investor


As I was watching this video I realised that I never updated my harbour club group (Oct 2016) about the deals I did later on, so just thought I’d shoot you a quick summary, maybe useful for future marketing of the program.

My company (online consumer loans) bought a distressed consumer lender in Mexico (paid EUR80k, got a trading licence, client data base and tax shield worth EUR70k)

We bought a small profitable consumer lender in Spain, this was not a distressed investment but more an acquisition of company which gives me access to a very important market (paid EUR1mil equity, refinanced their EUR0.5mil debt, in return got EUR1.8mil annual revenue with potential to scale 5-10X)

So again thanks for the course, I will drop by at the London event next year, hope to see you there mate!

Matiss Ansviesulis

Co-Founder & CEO of Creamfinance


"Tom Crisp – “What I learnt absolutely blew me a way – you are going to learn some awesome techniques you would never have guessed about”"

- Tom Crisp
Endorsement: “Just brilliant. So good to be taught by somebody who walks the walk not just talks the talk. Thanks for an enlightening two days.” Chris – Health Businesses Owner
Endorsement: “Jeremy, he absolutely delivers what it says on the tin, so much crammed into such a relatively small space of time, it is impossible to pick out the best part, too much to choose from until I have been over it several times. Many many thanks.” – Name Withheld
Anita Douglas
“Awesome weekend with some really eye opening jaw dropping moments. Very practical and lots of ideas & strategies to take away and use immediately. Cannot wait to start using everything I have learnt.” – Anita Douglas (Corporate Training)
Tom Crisp
“What an eye opening wonderful weekend this was. I would never have thought that a few small clever techniques & strategies could be so powerful. I cannot wait to get started.” – Tom Crisp – Agricultural Investor

"Stuart Davis – I would recommend anyone who is an entrepreneur to do the Harbour Club if you can. It’s the best investment you could probably make in yourself and in your business."

- Stuart Davis

“Absolutely blown away. The content was awesome. Completely changed the way I’m pitching businesses now. In 8 weeks I’ve got 3 deals on the table.”

Steve Pratt – Business Investor (M&A), property investor, business consultant & corporate financial adviser


"Malcolm Howe – “Fantastic. Fantastic place. The whole course was absolutely brilliant. I really cannot say enough.”"

- Malcolm Howe

“For me definitely exceeded expectations, many many times over. We just came away from it completely infused with a really clear plan about what we needed to do.”

Tony Messer – Investor, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Content Strategist & 5 Star Rated Author


"Dan Taylor – “The best business course I have ever been on bar none”"

- Dan Taylor
Jonathan Heaton
“An excellent few days! Lots of great strategies to implement in my current business and those that are to follow. Also a great time to meet new like-minded people.” – Jonathan Heaton – Business Owner at Key Computer Applications Ltd –
Nick James
“Thanks for an enlightening and enjoyable few days. Cannot wait to start putting it all into practice and building some serious wealth! In the words of Arnie… “I will be back”…” – Nick James –
Matt Trimmer
“Jeremy thank you. Thank you for sharing the secrets of your success with us. The programme is fantastic. I will recommend it to many more people.” – Matt Trimmer (Internet Marketing Consultant) Business Owner of ivantage Limited –
Doreen Yarnold
“Nothing… absolutely nothing comes even remotely close to the learning that I have taken on-board this weekend. Jeremy is a genius! What he has shared with us will change my life. Thank you for sharing your acres of diamonds.” – Doreen Yarnold – Corporate Training

"Nick Winton – “This course teaches you how to take a company that is in a bit of trouble and instantly turn it into a cash positive company. I have done an MBA & the tools there are nothing to what Jeremy has to offer”"

- Nick Winton

“Do one deal and your life will change. I can guarantee that. The course is jam-packed with really good advice. The mindset change that you have after the course and in your approach to business I think will change quite radically.”

Beverley Merriman – Managing Director at Wixel


"Karl Whitfield – “It is an excellent course – I highly recommend it. This is not some text book accountancy by numbers kind of thing or a run of the mill learning… this is nitty gritty, spit and sawdust real world stuff. This is how it is done. Real businesses, real problems and how to fix them.”"

- Karl Whitfield

Case Study – Craig Boddington

Lets look at the case study of Craig Boddington – How did Craig buy his first business for £1?

Craig joined the Harbour Club after coming from a consultancy background in helping companies that were merging to integrate their systems.

He was only earning £300,000 a year at that time and realised that he was selling his time for money there was not much room for improvement without more stress.

He also felt that he was not really his own boss as he could not just get up at what ever time he felt like, he was contracted in to do the job.

Craig saw Jeremy speak at a business event, and decided that the Harbour Club sounded like the thing for him.

Before boarding the private jet on the way back from the Spanish island of Mallorca where Harbour Club training was being held, he decided to send off an email to all his outlook contacts.

By the time the plane had landed he already had two leads to chase up, and using the methods taught in the Harbour Club found two more.

Within two weeks from the moment that jet hit the tarmac, Craig had done his first deal where he had bought a company for £1 and sold it for a staggering £250,000 not bad for two weeks work in the middle of a learning curve.

Before it had taken him nearly all year to make that kind of money. In the following 18 months he had managed to close a total of 8 deals buying each company for £1 and managed to flip 6 of them for a 6 figure sum each.

He is now one of Jeremy’s business partners and helps coach and mentor other Harbour Club students to help them achieve the same results that he has managed to achieve using Jeremy’s methods.


"Dan Priestley – I loved the first Harbour Club, it was brilliant! We bought and sold a fairly substantial technology company all within 10 months which was a game changing deal!"

- Dan Priestley

"Bob Gray – On this course I have learnt how to help companies out of difficult situations. Very intensive training with loads of information. I am looking forward to helping small companies with this information. I would advocate anyone approaching this course. I am looking forward to getting back to the UK to spread the word."

- Bob Gray

"Steve Edwards – Fantastic location, Fantastic food & Fantastic company. I am really impressed with Jeremy’s approach. The techniques are unique. I am going to use 1 or 2 of the strategies right away as soon as I get back home. I really recommend the course"

- Steve Edwards

"James & Moran – There are a lot of things we learnt here” “My favourite bit was about how to buy a bank with no money and I wished I had known that years ago” “If you are ever thinking of coming to the Harbour Club then don’t even think twice just come here"

- James & Moran

"Keith Nixon – I am a chartered accountant with an MBA, I have learnt how to create massive wealth for both others and myself from this course, I would certainly recommend it."

- Keith Nixon

"Martin Norbury – My business helps other businesses scale, one area that was lacking was experience in the SME market for exiting the business. This has been my main take away from the course. This has been an amazing 3 days. Come out here and join Jeremy to see for yourself"

- Martin Norbury

"Lee Smith – The Harbour Club has by far been the best, life changing event I have ever been on."

- Lee Smith

"James Downton – I highly recommend it. It’s changed my business for the better and allowed me to create a lot of wealth."

- James Downton

"Chris Isbell – So far I’ve been really pleased with how everything’s been going!"

- Chris Isbell

"Allan Presland – I thoroughly recommend it, it’s been an absolute game changer for me and my business!"

- Allan Presland

"Marco Soares – It’s been a great course!"

- Marco Soares

"Wynand Lindeque – This is a great course to come on!"

- Wynand Lindeque

"Alan Gitsham – If you are thinking of getting involved in turning companies around or looking for opportunities for investment I’ll recommend it!"

- Alan Gitsham

"Oliver Mason – Thoroughly enjoyed it, learnt loads of great stuff about how to buy businesses…"

- Oliver Mason

"Louis Ques – I recommend it to everyone whos interested in acquiring businesses and to improve their sales and profitability."

- Louis Ques

"Freddie Rayner – I must say it was a really fantastic course, without a doubt one of the best courses I have ever been on!"

- Freddie Rayner

"Darran Kennedy – The content was pretty amazing in terms of how you go about structuring deals. I’ve been in this position before and not seen any tactics like this before."

- Darran Kennedy

"Wayne Tica – Coming on this course has been a real eye-opener. The take-away items I’ve learned in the last two days are just mind-blowing. I’m not going to be able to sleep tonight to be honest, trying to think of the possibilities!"

- Wayne Tica

"Nitin Patil – I came for Jeremy’s course with some expectations and they were all met in terms of structuring the deals and doing the financial re-structuring and a lot of new techniques and ideas."

- Nitin Patil

"Trevor Mapondera – The content, the knowledge pays for itself. In my situation, it paid for before I even got here!"

- Trevor Mapondera

"Edgaras Adomaitis – The market is huge and the opportunities around, so we just need go and do."

- Edgaras Adomaitis

"Michael Mayr – It wasn’t easy for me to get here, but, you know what, the commitment is, is what it takes to get you here. So, I would say, make it and get to this course. You won’t regret it. That’s for sure."

- Michael Mayr

"Stuart Mellody – The experience has been phenomenal. It’s been very positive. Enormous amount of information. It’s really valuable."

- Stuart Mellody

"Robert Neal – Jeremy’s class was very enlightening and there’s almost too much information there for my brain to handle right now. So, I’ll spend the next few days processing information, putting it to work and I look forward to working with Jeremy."

- Robert Neal

"John & Suzanne Edwards – Jeremy was absolutely brilliant. It’s better than what I expected. Absolutely phenomenal and real value for money."

- John & Suzanne Edwards

"Michael Haston – It’s a game-changer and anybody looking to go up the next level from starting a business from scratch, moving on from that to buying and selling businesses, this is where you need to be. Simple as that."

- Michael Haston

"Mike Howard – Excellent! Loads of information. Over-delivered on everything that I anticipated. Take the first step. You won’t be disappointed."

- Mike Howard

"Marco Robert – Not only did Jeremy actually super-exceed my expectations, it beyond that. We learned strategies here that are not available to anyone. We learned strategies here that only the super-rich have access to."

- Marco Robert

"Richard Brady – The course is superb. I highly recommend it to anybody. I think it’s cheap for what you get. So, fantastic. Really very, very good."

- Richard Brady

"Stacy Flick – These three days have been a real eye-opener. The content itself is, blew me away. Huge value."

- Stacy Flick

"Sascha Janzen – It’s a lot of valuable content delivered by a very experience deal-maker. So it’s all authentic, realistic and doable."

- Sascha Janzen

"Barbara Spurrier – The Harbour Club course was very inspirational and has left me with my brain spinning with ideas and wanting to execute some of the ideas I now have."

- Barbara Spurrier

"Simon Berry – I’m very confident that I’m going to be able to do a lot with what I’ve learnt and people will hold me accountable."

- Simon Berry

"Natalie Macaulay – To be in a room with people who are questioning, like I am, the quality of discussion is incredible. Literally, I’m learning from every person I talked to."

- Natalie Macaulay

"Claire Jarrett – I looked up Jeremy Harbor’s course and I am so glad that I came. Because the number of techniques that Jeremy has been teaching us is absolutely incredible. I’ve already booked on to go again a second time because there is just so much information to take in."

- Claire Jarrett

"Patricia Bird – The people that contributed to the Harbor Club, I’m really indebted to them because I know that if I wasn’t here today, I wouldn’t have learned how to do the deals, put the deals together and that I have learned and I’m still learning."

- Patricia Bird

"Stephen Kennedy – There are many other tools that I have learned that will add even more value but it’s been absolutely well worth three days."

- Stephen Kennedy

"Yuksel Dogan – If you’re an entrepreneur, I would advise you to come to take a look, definitely. And also the networking, it’s fantastic. We met quite some people so it was a success for me, definitely."

- Yuksel Dogan

"John Roberts – It offered a unique set of experiences that were to deliver the systems that I’m looking for. So I’m really keen to go back to Australia and apply these systems."

- John Roberts

"Erdal Gul – It’s unbelievable, the content and also the network, the people you meet, and it’s wonderful. So I’m really glad I decided to join and I’m really advising and recommending other people who hesitate to decide and go ahead with the course."

- Erdal Gul

"Robbie Smith – You meet such a huge range of people. Not just attendees, but also people who’ve done the course, done deals. If anyone’s thinking of whether to do it, I’d say absolutely, go for it. You’re not going to regret it."

- Robbie Smith

Frequently Asked Questions

“Are the strategies taught on the Harbour Club course applicable to companies in the USA?”

Answer: There are over 200 slides in total that we go through on the course. Less than 10 of them are UK only – the rest are global principles.

SHQuestion: “If you don’t retain the SME owner in the business don’t you quickly lose the important customer relationships?”

LogoAnswer: “In about 50% of scenarios the original owner does stay with a business we buy, however we tend to find that by targeting businesses with revenues larger than 500k per annum that they have outgrown owner centric customers. This tends to be a common problem in say 200k turnover businesses where the owner does almost all the functions of the business themselves. So while some handover of relationships maybe required, often customers want convenience and maintenance of the status quo over any kind of disruption.”

“What does a typical deal look like?”

LogoAnswer: “I have done well over 30 deals now and there is no such thing as typical, there are some structures that repeat, but nothing like a median deal structure. However we talk on the course about the criteria that makes a deal good, so this gives us a number of criteria we can cross reference to see if we have a ‘goer’, for example, if we target a business between 500k and 5m in revenue, with zero entry cost (or £1 for all the shares to be more accurate), where we can remove something to make it profitable (ie debt, building, product line, person/people etc) or where one of our financial engineering techniques will pop it into profit and resell for 6 figures or more in a very short window of time then we tend to proceed. I hope that helps.”

“What is the difference between prepack and phoenix?”

LogoAnswer: “Technically, a phoenix is when you have a new legal entity/company, but the same name, directors, shareholders etc. Where as a prepack is a type of sale through administration, the buyer could be anyone, and the proceeds from the sale go to the creditors of the company. A phoenix can be done through a prepack, but not always.” – Jeremy


SHQuestion: “Is it only people from the UK who have been successful after the course?”

LogoAnswer: We have had people from all over the world do the course, and they have all really found it valuable, we do not directly track success after the course, but I continually work with a number of previous delegates, who are all on very successful paths.


SHQuestion: “What is the percentage of people who are successful in using the strategies taught on the course after attending?”

LogoAnswer: This is impossible to say as people do the course for lots of different reasons, some to work on their own business, some to just buy a job, some to help sell their company and a range of things in between. Nearly everyone does something with what they have learned, but what that is varies widely. We have one guy who set up a consulting business, just selling one of the strategies that we teach, saying after 20 years in business and with a big black book of contacts, he can fix a companies cash flow. He now delivers our cash flow section of the course and charges a fee, which is very different from the structure we teach.

SHQuestion: “On average how long does it take previous delegates to complete a deal after attending?”

LogoAnswer: People do the course for such a wide selection of reasons it could not be measured. Also, many people go and use the strategies, keeping themselves to themselves, so we only know of the people who we work with. However, you will quickly realise that the course is great value when you see what you can do with this information. We will be releasing a “Hall of Fame” for the quickest deals done, from people that don’t mind that information being public – so we will update this page with that information once it is ready.

SHQuestion: “Is it a help or a hindrance to buy businesses engaged in things you love to do or are interested in?”

LogoAnswer: “It depends a lot on what your interested in, but in general yes, it is much better to be involved in a business that you are passionate about.”

SHQuestion: “Dear Jeremy, thank you for taking the time to share what you know in your recent webinar. My questions regarding buying and selling businesses are: Can you succeed even if you’re not a great ‘people person’ (like Dan Bradbury, say) and would being young and with limited business experience, give you issues with credibility (or does The Harbour Club course teach you how to circumvent those issues?)”

LogoAnswer: Hi, thanks for your questions. Firstly, the strategy does involve a degree of persuasion, which naturally comes from rapport, and rapport is not necessarily about being a people person, but more about coming across as someone who they want to spend time with and do business with.

Secondly, age is not such a barrier, being plausible at your age is important and I think people recognise nowadays that there are ‘wizz kids’, the internet age has demonstrated that. But, the key is for you to position yourself in this way. There is a great book by Daniel Priestley called ‘Become a Key Person of Influence’, it is a quick and easy read but he breaks down in a nutshell, how to position yourself as a personal brand.

With regards to both of these points, one of the things that we actively encouraged in The Harbour club is to partner up where you lack skills, so work with someone who compliments your skills and split the job up. I am a great example of this, I am very good at getting the deals done on the way in and way out, but I am not very good at turning up as I do not live in the UK, so I partner with people who want to do the face to face aspects, and work with them. The Harbour club is how I find all of these partners, and I would always be happy to get involved with more deals.

“What businesses have you typically bought and sold?“

LogoAnswer: I describe myself as sector agnostic, so anything really, in fact the diversity is quite dramatic – business services tend to work best, but this year so far I have bought a manufacturer and a wholesale distribution business. So, really can be anything. To give a taster, I bought a 15,000 square foot health club and spa, which was built and fitted out 5 years previously for over £3m, with about 1000 members paying £40 a month. I bought this for £15,000, but collected the membership of £40,000 the next day, so I was almost instantly £25,000 in front. I also bought a 33 year old air conditioning company with local government contracts for £1, a software developer with customers like GM and Philip Morris for £1, a 20 year old PR company with £1m of revenue for £1… the list goes on. I have done over 50 deals now and we go into detailed case studies on around 12 of these deals during my course.

SHQuestion: “How much time does one have to devote to these M+A activities in order to make it a success?“

LogoAnswer: Like anything, the more you put in the more you get out, so if you are looking to buy and sell companies, I would say you won’t do much else. This is not because it is time consuming, but because it is very rewarding and you find much more interesting things to do with your life other than working! If you want to use it as a strategy to grow your existing business – so buying up companies to bolt on to yours – you need to put in just a few hours a week in sourcing, phone calls and the odd meeting. This very easily fits around other things and this is how I operated when I started up, it was something I did as part of my week’s work.

“Exactly what do we get out of the course – is this quantifiable?“

LogoAnswer: You get a system to follow to help you source, acquire, fix and sell companies. It is very tactical, rather than theoretical, and is all backed up with real examples. You also get all of the legal documents, spread sheets and other things that I use when doing deals, as well as my Skype details, so you are able to contact me after the course with questions or joint venture opportunities. So, if you find a deal and you feel you are not ready for whatever reason, I can assist you with advice. However, the course gives you all you need in order to do deals yourself. The unspoken benefit is the network you gain, not only myself on the end of Skype but also the other delegates. There is a certain calibre of person who does this course and often other deals and ventures develop within the group throughout the course.

SHQuestion: “Is it better to look at companies who are in administration or in the winding up process?”

LogoAnswer: Exactly the Opposite, the trick is to find them before they appoint any insolvency practitioner. In fact, just today I found a 30 year old printing company with a £1.1m turnover, but they appointed an administrator one week ago and now it is doomed to close down, losing all of their long standing employees. It’s really sad as if we had gotten there a week earlier, we could have saved everything and given the previous owner some upside. Using our financial engineering, the fix would have taken less than 4 weeks to add back over £100k of cash to the business.

SHQuestion: “What if you wanted to keep acquired companies to become cash generators for a bigger project could you target those types of businesses?”

LogoAnswer: Generally there are a couple of options, either use the acquired company as a sort of currency to buy equity in a much larger more profitable company. You can do this by offering to merge it with the other company in exchange for a percentage of the the equity, or make it a hub company for more acquisitions (this is called a roll up). The other option is you sell the company to generate cash to use for other deals. However once you have done the Harbour Club you will realise you do not need cash, you can invest your cash in other things and buy and sell businesses cash free. When you talk about bigger deals, the largest I have looked at with zero cash upfront is 19m euros, if your ambitions are bigger than this per deal then you do need to have access to some cash, whether yours or backers funds. However managing businesses for cash generation risks time and value, so I don’t recommend. However you can use the tactics I teach to do this for sure.

SHQuestion: “Jeremy, with reference to your webinar, I hear the bit about no money down. My question is this: I assume that in some cases you take personal guarantees over from people so there is no money down but if the fix isn’t made then there is the potential to be called upon. Do these guarantees rely on the creditworthiness/history of the buyer?”

Answer: LogoUnder no circumstances would we take over personal guarantees. In fact Banks won’t let you transfer a guarantee, they only allow for additional guarantors, so the vendor can still be called upon. Our goal is to remove the guarantee or remove the debt, or both, through a series of tactics I call financial engineering. This means we can buy a company that has debt and guarantees today, but not tomorrow.

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