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We have been developing our marketing material since 2009 and have grown a 7 figure business in the process. The text and audio content on our website has huge value for our business. You can use our content for commercial purposes under our “Copy Licensing Agreement”. By directly copying or modifying the content from our website text or audio and using it in any format as part of a marketing promotion for a similar product or service, you agree to pay the one off licence fee of 50,000 GBP for each individual media creative to licence the content for the next 10 years, invoice payable within 30 days of issue.


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Membership Terms

These terms are specific to anyone attending a course run by The Harbour Club Pte Ltd

We will do whatever we can to accommodate changes. As a guideline, if you cancel before the course you will get a free re-booking, but no refunds can be given after receiving the deposit payment. Please note cancelling the payment plan after the seminar, does not cancel the membership. If you wish to cancel the membership, you must activate the money back guarantee. Members must complete their payment plans in full without warranty.

Payment Plans
Recurring payments must be setup 90 days before the event is due to start, unless alternative arrangements are made at our discretion. For any individual or company receiving credit, we require proof of ID and a home address for the named delegate that will be attending the course, no later than 7 days before the course is due to start.

By attending course you agree to:

1. Use the information to do deals
2. Not to teach the information to other people
3. Not to publish, print, or otherwise distribute the information
4. Not to record or film any of the training
5. Not to divulge any information shared in confidence by other delegates
6. Keep the case studies discussed in the course confidential

Communication & Late Payments
We have a small team and don’t have a lot of time to chase payment plans. We’re happy to be flexible if you’re having genuine problems but it is important to keep good communication. If for any reason your recurring payments fail to arrive on time, we will notify you using the email where you received your invoice. If you don’t respond or make alternative arrangements within 30 days we will bill you for each email, phone call (including unanswered calls), and letters sent at a rate of £10, £25 and £100 respectively.

If, for any reason, after attending the first two days of the course you feel this business model is not suitable for you, simply tell Jeremy after dinner that you don’t want to participate in the final day on financial engineering and get a full refund without having to prove anything. Stay one more night in the accommodations provided for free, with no hard feelings. Your money will be refunded. After attending day three of the course you personally guarantee payment of the outstanding balance in full without warranty.

Compete Clause
You may at your discretion set up in competition with The Harbour Club Pte Ltd, however, in recognition of the value this takes away, you agree to pay a flat rate fee of £6,500 per customer plus 50% of any revenue. Both parties agree to settle these invoices within 30 days of issue.

Information is for illustrative purposes only and does not constitute legal or financial advice. Jeremy Harbour, The Harbour Club Pte Ltd., Unity Group or The Harbour Club accept no liability for outcomes when implementing the strategies and tactics discussed. If in doubt delegates should always seek their own professional advice.

Please note that the after-course support is completely free for past delegates and is not linked to any kind of payment plan. It is also provided fully at our discretion (e.g., if anyone is being abusive to other members they might find their access revoked). Support is a privilege and not a right. You agree to give general release for any video or still photography in which you may appear at the event to be used for commercial purposes. We retain the right to change the course content or schedule at our discretion. You agree to e-sign these terms before attending the course. Failing to e-sign these terms before attending the course does not count as a waiver. To keep the e-sign document short and quick to read, only the most important terms are repeated, this does not count as a waiver on any terms that are not included.