About The Harbour Club

About Jeremy Harbour

The Harbour Club is an experiential training course where we teach people how to find, buy, and sell businesses.

Specifically focusing on distressed and motivated sellers, where you can buy a company using no upfront capital.

The strategies we teach can all be done without borrowing money from investors or the banks.

An Experiential Training Course for Sophisticated Business Owners and Entrepreneurs


Jeremy is a Singapore-based entrepreneur with a truly global focus, owning investments in 12 countries and having bought and sold over 100 firms, and advised on around 200 more.

He lectures all over the world on the subject of SME mergers and acquisitions, with a focus on distressed and motivated acquisitions. Has coached people from numerous large organisations including Moore Stevens, KPMG, Tesco and Microsoft on how to buy small to medium-sized companies. Jeremy is also Shareholder and Advisory Director for The Mint National Bank and recognised as a DBS Business Class advisor.

Jeremy was Coutts Entrepreneur of the Year runner-up three times, he was on the fundraising committee of The Prince’s Trust, has been invited to Buckingham Palace and Parliament in the UK to advise on matters of business and enterprise, and has been written about in the Sunday Times, Financial Times, and numerous other publications.

“Jeremy doesn’t just think out side the box, he doesn’t have a box – Jonathan Walthall”


He was featured on the Money Channel, and in 2012 was asked by Capstone (the largest publisher of business books in Europe and the USA) to write his story, this book, called Go Do was published shortly after and went to number one on Amazon on three occasions.

In 2018 Jeremy listed a company using his new Agglomeration strategy. It is called MBH Corporation PLC on the Frankfurt Xetra stock exchange (M8H.DE), it has since done its first 6 acquisitions taking it to $150m revenue, 400 staff globally, $15m profits and many more companies looking to join before year end.

How I bought a distressed events company with 3.5 million turnover for £1

My life changed dramatically when I bought a competitor in the telecom industry for £1.

As a result of this deal, we grew by a year’s worth of sales in one afternoon.

And in this letter, you’re about learn how you can do the same too.

My name is Jeremy Harbour, and for the past two decades, I’ve bought and sold over 100 companies in many different industries.

I negotiated nearly all of these deals for close to zero cash upfront (Often just £1)… without getting into debt or using other people’s money.

These companies were in industries like telecom, IT, air conditioning, furniture manufacturing, seminar events, music schools, marketing, property services, engineering and many more.

When I negotiated each deal, I rarely used lawyers or accountants, Except for my IPO deals. My most recent being a company called “MBH Corporation PLC”. It is listed on the Frankfurt stock market.

Now, I didn’t get to this point by magic. I’m just a normal person like you.

So the question is: How did I secure deals where companies were happy to accept £1 upfront?

Let me explain:

The Financial Shortcut That Changed
My Life (And Income) Forever

In 1997, at 23 years of age, I started a telecoms company with £50. I bought business cards and used the money from my first sale to buy a computer.

It was a bootstrapped business.

Several years later, once I had decent success, competitors knocked on my door with offers to buy me out.

Week after week, I talked to potential buyers as they pitched me their deals.

Some meetings were better than others but they all had one thing in common: they all offered no money upfront.

Instead, they offered benefits down the track. Solutions that ironed out my cash flow, dealt with staff, found new customers and provided me capital to grow.

I was tempted. Somehow they pushed hot buttons I didn’t know I had!

It was at this moment I had a thought…

“Maybe I should try and acquire a business for no money down, just like these companies are attempting to do!”

Why You Need To Tune Into “Deal FM”

If you want to tune in to a particular station, you need to know the frequency it’s on.

Looking back, there were deals right under my nose everywhere, but sadly, I wasn’t tuned into the right frequency. I wasn’t tuned into “deal FM.”

After realizing this, I turned my focus to acquisition.

My first deal was actually a lot smaller than I now recommend beginners to target but it’s worth sharing the story.

I discovered a 13 year old mobile phone retailer in Slough, with a majority of business customers (one of their customers was Nintendo).

It was a perfect fit.

With 1,000 active mobile phone lines all on Cellnet (Later rebranded as O2), this was a lucrative deal for us.

Individually, each client was worth £165 due to a new customer commision offered by Vodafone. Therefore, once each user switched over, the deal was worth £165,000 to us (He was unaware of this fact).

However, the owner had one huge problem he couldn’t shake.

His lease was about to expire.

Relocating the business would cost him £70,000 yet he’d only make £12,000 per year by renewing his contracts for Cellnet.

Not an ideal situation.

He also made much more money renovating terrace houses. He converted them into two separate apartments and made around £60k profit per project.

If he could just free up his time, he could dedicate more time to that venture.

In a way, I was lucky.

The telecoms industry is famously low margin and capital intensive, I ran my own business hand to mouth, so I didn’t have the cash to offer him.

I tried to source funds from friends, family and investors but to no avail. As is quite common, he wanted at least some cash upfront. First, he wanted £15K, then £10K, and once his deadline loomed, he asked for just £2.5K.

I figured I’d find someone to lend me 2.5K… but I just couldn’t scrape it together.

The day the bulldozers turned up at his office, I signed the contract to buy his company for £1.

The deal offered no cash upfront but I paid him instalments as we switched his customers over to our business.

Driving back to the office, I had an epiphany that day.

I just grew my company by a year’s worth of sales in one afternoon and I didn’t use any cash to do it.

It was a game changer.

And that’s when I had my biggest business breakthrough…

The Wealth Secret
No One Talks About

Never again would I ever start a company from scratch when I could simply buy an existing company.

I was hooked.

I realised I could run the last 10 yards in a marathon and still win the trophy!

For the next 18 months I went on an empire building rampage. I bought 12 companies that together generated £13.5 million turnover and had over 100 employees.

This might sound impressive, but in reality it was an absolute nightmare to run. My days were punctuated by emergencies and problems at each business. Each month I simply stayed a float, surviving one payroll to the next.

Several months later I sold one of these companies. That’s when I learned one of the most valuable wealth building secrets of my life:

You don’t make money running companies, you make money selling them.

I soon learnt a painful lesson from one of the companies I had decided to keep. I had a small call centre business that made about £200,000 profit per quarter.

I kept the business because it had a very lucrative long term contract with the world’s largest insurance provider (AIG).

In hindsight, that was the perfect reason to sell it. The new buyer would have loved that.

However, this was just before they famously ran into the financial problems that lead to their bankruptcy.

I could have sold the company for millions but instead sold it for £1.

The lesson learnt? The best time to sell a company is now.

Any reasons you can give me about why you should keep it, are exactly the same reasons you should sell.

For the next 20 years, I dedicated my life to buying and selling companies. To date, I’ve completed over 100 deals.

I bought and sold many businesses. Many were a raging success, while others were learning experiences.

However, it was my 12th deal – the one I mentioned at the beginning of this letter – that changed everything.

How I Bought A 3.5 Million Revenue
Seminar Company For £1 Upfront

Back in 2010, two Australian business partners flew to the UK to sell their struggling seminar company.

Their UK business generated sales but hemorrhaged so much cash that the Australia parent company was fed up constantly bailing them out.

They gave themselves two weeks to secure a deal.

Their asking price: £300,000.

Surprisingly, two of the competitors they pitched knew me. They didn’t want to buy but said, “You should speak to Jeremy, he buys companies.”

I met them both on a Wednesday.

After looking at the business, I noticed it wasn’t worth £300,000. It broke the golden rule of business: have more money coming in than going out.

Generally, the seminar training space is a high profit industry. Therefore, it was clear that their problem was bad cash flow management.

They didn’t have accounts or forecasts, In fact, it would be impossible to sell the business to anyone else. There was no way they would pass any form of due diligence from a potential buyer.

With two successful businesses back in Australia, their UK subsidiary was just becoming a big pain in the arse for them.

They were motivated to sell before they flew home. And so…

I Made An Offer
They Couldn’t Refuse

The clock was ticking.

With 2 days until they flew back to Australia, the owners were keen to sell.

They couldn’t even provide the information needed to make a deal happen. However, I noticed that this trip was the one thing they hung their hopes on.

So here’s what I said:

“Give me a 60% stake in the company now for £1 with the option to buy the other 40% for £300,000 once I fixed the problems.

They agreed.

I pressed the pen to paper and signed my name.

They did the same.

I held the contract in my hands. I looked down at the paper with excitement.

I did it.

I had just bought my largest company to date.

I just bought 60% of a company with 3.5 million turnover for £1.

All outgoing payments had to be frozen while we did the due diligence to make sure we were not preferring any creditors over others. After 30 days, the company even had £300,000 cash in the bank!

I rang Dan Priestly and thanked him for the referral. That’s when he said, “So how much did you pay for it?”

“£1”, I said, “That’s what I always pay for companies.”

“Really? I would have bought it for £1! I really need to learn this stuff!”

How I Made My Strategies
Available To Entrepreneurs

The events company I bought for £1 ran an 800 person multi-speaker event and they invited me to give a talk. I did a presentation on how to buy companies with no money down deals.

The result? Hoards of people asked me to consult, mentor or sit on their board of directors in a non-executive position.

I declined.

But I came up with an idea.

Rather than consult and help four or five people, I created a training program to help anyone buy and sell companies. As long as they had determination, drive and a phone, they could do it.

And that’s how…

The Harbour Club Was Born

The Harbour Club is the most comprehensive 3-day training on how to buy and sell companies step-by-step.

It’s live, in person and takes place in London.

You’ll discover how to buy companies for no cash upfront without borrowing money or debt.

And you’ll learn strategies to conduct the entire deal without lawyers, accountants or brokers… saving you tens of thousands of pounds!

You’ll discover:

#1: How to find deals
#2: How to contact the business owners
#3: How to conduct meetings
#4: How to put win-win deals togethers
#5: How to legally protect yourself properly
#6: How to turn around the company quickly
#7: And exit strategies to sell the company at a profit
#8: And much more…

These strategies have been boiled down from my 20 years of experience. Plus, you’ll avoid dozens of costly mistakes that I made in my early days, saving you years of trial and error…

Why The Harbour Club Is Unlike
Anything You’ve Ever Seen

Unlike most M&A courses that teach theory and textbook principles…

…The Harbour Club is packed with real-world, battle-tested strategies. The step-by-step system has been honed and refined over the past two decades from my own personal “in the trenches” experiences doing over 100 deals, and advising on hundreds more.

The Harbour Club is not just “a course.”

It’s a supportive community. After the 3-day event, you get all your questions answered in our exclusive online members area. Where people share and collaborate with each other to put together deals. It’s like having a high-profile mastermind without the five-figure price tag!

The Harbour Club has generated countless raving fans (and hundreds of deals) since 2009.

“I came with high expectations and all were thoroughly exceeded.”
– Senior Merger & Acquisition Person At Microsoft
(name withheld)

“Absolutely blown away. The content was awesome. Completely changed the way I’m pitching businesses now. In 8 weeks I’ve got 3 deals on the table.” – Steve Pratt
Business Investor (M&A), property investor, business consultant & corporate financial adviser

“Do one deal and your life will change. I can guarantee that. The course is jam-packed with really good advice. The mindset change that you have after the course and in your approach to business I think will change quite radically.” – Beverley Merriman
Managing Director at Wixel

With all that said, there are new strategies constantly added to the course…

A Flood Of Cutting Edge Advice
You Won’t Find Anywhere

Each time I host The Harbour Club, I share new and exciting discoveries.

For example, I recently discovered a ‘restructure’ strategy that I used to turn around an engineering company.

The business had a £600,000 turnover but made a loss. Thanks to my new strategy, within 30 days, it made £100,000 profit without firing staff or cutting expenses.

This new approach to structure a company is now part of The Harbour Club training.

Plus, you’ll discover my experiment to legally remove debt from a business without using an insolvency process so the directors, staff and customers are totally unaffected by the unmanageable debts of the company.

The Harbour Club is a constantly evolving system. You only get the most cutting edge strategies.

Proven Methods That Build
Real Wealth For Real People

The Harbour Club is serious training for serious entrepreneurs who want to create true wealth.

But let’s get one thing straight:

I can’t guarantee you’ll make any money with these strategies. That could be dishonest and misleading. I don’t know your work ethic. If you don’t take action and do anything with the information, you won’t get any results.

What I can guarantee is that real people have achieved real results by actually implementing my strategies. They work.

Here are some of their stories:

The Greatest Investment
You Can Ever Make

Today, there are countless opportunities for you to build wealth.

Heck, McDonalds is a proven franchise system that charges £325,000 to buy a single store!

However, your investment in The Harbour Club is nowhere near this investment.

In fact, the Harbour Club is more affordable than a lawyer or accountant who “might” help you secure a deal the traditional way.

Truth is, if you engaged a lawyer or corporate finance team to help you source and acquire a business, you would have to put down at least £10,000 upfront.

Plus, thousands more over the lifetime of your deal.

In comparison, The Harbour Club teaches you how to acquire businesses without the need to use these professionals at all!

Some students told us they spent over £20,000 using traditional methods and still didn’t secure a business for all their money, time and effort.

Yet you won’t pay anywhere near that.

In fact, you can take advantage of a payment plan to invest in The Harbour Club for just £297 per month.

The greatest investment you can make is in yourself.

And this is a drop in the bucket compared to the value you get in return.

For the latest pricing options and dates and locations of events please email Jon Hartley at [email protected]

100% Money Back Guarantee
(No Questions Asked)

If for any reason after attending the first two days you feel this business model is not suitable for you, simply email Jeremy ([email protected]) by 6:30pm on Day 2 and let him know that you do not wish to participate in the final day. Please note, if for whatever reason you choose to exercise this, you will need to return your Course Pack with all the material that was in it. Your refund will be processed only once this has been received.

Join The Harbour Club Today

This is a limited opportunity.

If you’re serious about learning these strategies, then email Jon Hartley now for more details:
[email protected]

On the other hand, if you’d like more information about how my strategies work, feel free to email jon and ask for my free PDF report about how to acquire businesses with no money down.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter and I hope to hear from you soon.

Jeremy Harbour


P.S. In case you’re one of those people (like me) who skips to the end of a letter, here’s the deal:

I’ve boiled down 20 years of my personal experience buying and selling companies for no cash upfront into a three day seminar called The Harbour Club.

You’ll learn how to secure win-win deals without borrowing money. This method works without expensive lawyers or accountants, saving you tens of thousands of pounds.

You’ll also join a community of business buyers that support and help you through your deals, so there’s no guesswork.

The Harbour Club is offered on an affordable payment plan of £297 per month.

Please get in contact with Jon now at [email protected] if you’re interested.

P.PS. If you want more info before you enquire about The Harbour Club, email jon and ask for a copy of my PDF report with free strategies about how to acquire businesses with no money down.

What will you learn on the Harbour Club?

Finding Opportunities: For 6-7 Figure Profits.

  • Qualifying Leads: Discover why 500k to 5 million revenue companies are in the sweet spot for doing deals. 3 research tools for finding an endless supply of leads and how to pick the right industry (this last tip can boost your exit value by up-to 300%). – PLUS learn why London is almost always the worse place for deal hunting.
  • 11 Psychological Triggers of a Motivated Seller: Understanding these triggers is the key to unlocking the creative deal structures that give sellers what they want, while structuring a deal for no money upfront without borrowing or debt. Once you understand these triggers, then creating a WIN-WIN deal will be effortless. – PLUS “The Perfect Storm” when 3 of these triggers are combined together, you are likely to close the deal on the spot.
  • Sourcing Motivated Sellers: The worst deals are the ones already listed for sale. Discover 4 unique methods for sourcing motivated sellers who want to deal on your terms (i.e. give you their equity without requiring any of your cash).
  • Contacting Motivated Sellers: When contacting motivated sellers what medium to use? Phone? … Email?…Business postal address? … Social media? Nope, none of the above. So what is the best method of contact? Find out on day 2.
  • Avoid These Businesses: Avoid businesses you cannot explain in a sentence. They are very hard to sell. It’s easier to sell boring sounding companies like air conditioning or cleaning services because more people understand them (this expands your market of potential buyers). Other things to avoid include businesses with excessive bank debentures & overhead intensive businesses (these are hard to fix and profit from).
  • Acquisition Gold Mine: Revealed the 4 part business sourcing process. How to qualify, contact & close a deal in 4 simple steps – PLUS discover a simple method for finding companies looking for 2nd round funding. Why would you want these leads? Because no one asks for not quite enough money to start a business, so 2nd round funding is a “code word” for fucked it up the first time and the original investors are not interested in sinking more cash into it (aka a very distressed business).

Handling Enquiries: Turning Leads Into Deals

  • Deal Closing Machine: How to close a deal in the first meeting by using the “last man standing” method of negotiation. This will save you many days wasted in travel and meetings. Use the “reverse table side” method to get contract clauses agreed upon quickly with little or no resistance. – PLUS use the Harbour Club “cut and paste” contract clauses to make ironclad contracts effortlessly like a pro.
  • Negotiation Secrets: Don’t buy any more books on negotiation because Jeremy’s method of negotiation works for closing 6-7 figure deals, and it can be learnt in 20 minutes or less.
  • Deal Making Mindset: Discover how to slingshot your deal closing rate by up-to 500% by simply using this unique Harbour Club approach. It’s as easy as changing your mindset (hint: it’s the opposite of what everybody else does when approaching an acquisition).
  • Phone Persuasion: Discover one powerful unwritten rule of telephone etiquette (that even you unknowingly follow) that can turn the tables on your conversation (and get your questions answered). What is the one thing you must say immediately when answering the phone in order to keep control of the conversation? – Find out on day 1.
  • Stakeholders: The directors, shareholders & key employees might not be the only decision-makers in a business; it could also be advisors, friends or even the owner’s spouse. One word from these invisible company officers and your deal could go south. Learn how to identify and deal with stakeholders to make deals go smoothly.
  • I Hate Due-Diligence: It’s expensive, boring & time consuming…but necessary right? What if you could get your due-diligence done for free without any extra work…and even better…have it more complete than if you did it yourself or paid £100,000 to hire professionals to do the job for you? Find out how on day 2.

Structuring Deals: Buying a company with no money upfront

  • WIN-WIN Deals: Discover how to use the Harbour Club negotiation tactics to figure out the sellers motivations (what they really want). Then use the Harbour Club deal structuring strategies to give it to them without using any capital or debt.
  • Case Study: How one man’s wife wanting to turn his home office into a nursery landed Jeremy an entire IT company for £1 and how one simple tweak doubled its turnover in 12 months…the best bit? Creative deal structuring…how he then used it as currency to buy a majority shareholding in a much larger IT firm.
  • Merger Strategies: An often overlooked but very simple and flexible strategy. Discover how you can use one of your no money down deals as currency to buy an equity stake in a much larger business. How to use it as a succession planning tool, or simply just build a much larger business and use a stock market listing as an exit.
  • Deal Structures: Forget everything you learnt about deal structures from your MBA. These rely heavily on debt. Discover 9 new ways to get more leverage in a deal that does not require any cash or borrowing.

Insolvency Law: The Insider Secrets

  • Insolvency Secrets: Discover how to buy companies through the Insolvency process using these 5 proven deal templates (100% legal). You will learn how insolvency works; (liquidation, CVA, administration). – PLUS one simple tip to cut your debt in half and inject 6 figures of extra profit into your P&L without any changes to the company operations, sales or marketing.
  • Killing it Cheaply: Discover how to kill an insolvent company without using insolvency (saving you the £5,000 fee to the insolvency practitioner). This is 100% legal and has full backing by the creditors. We discovered this by accident many years ago, and continue to use it on deals even today.

Financial Engineering: A Bridge To Instant Profits

  • Easy Cash Injection: Discover how to take a company with 10 or more employees and inject up-to 15% of their yearly revenue back into the business as cash. It only takes one phone call to do and requires no upfront cash. (It also DOES NOT involve firing anyone, reducing hours, outsourcing or even cutting wages – operationally nothing in the business even has to change).
  • Financial Engineering: Amazing tactics to uncover profit hidden in your business (without increasing sales). If your business turnover is £500,000 or more, then this alone could make back your course fee within a couple of weeks of returning home.
  • Personal Guarantee Magic: How to make “Personal Guarantees” disappear almost like magic using this financial engineering strategy (that works on almost all SME businesses). – Case Study: How Jeremy bought a PR company for £1 on the basis he gets rid of their personal guarantees in excess of £85,000 on their overdraft (and fixes their payroll of 17k due a week later). He then made those PG’s disappear like magic without using any of his own money or borrowing, selling the business only months later for $2,000,000 USD to a company in the USA.
  • Why Fire Your Best Sales People?: Find out how cutting your sales and marketing team might not only make your business more profitable but actually increase its value when it comes time to sell. Sound ridiculous? Well…it works…the real question should be how to stop the rest of the staff from leaving after this happens. But wait; there is a strategy for that one too…
  • Vertical Integration: Strategies to transform areas of profit loss in a business into profit gains by using vertical integration. – PLUS How to mine undiscovered profit lying dormant in your database.
  • The Immortal Business: Discover how to create an invincible business structure. One that is immune to insolvency, litigation & bankruptcy… Protect your assets, intellectual property & your operational infrastructure by exploiting this unique “silo based licensing strategy”.

Protecting Yourself: With Financial Ninjutsu

  • Bullet-Proof Purchase Agreement: How to turn the simple age old purchase agreement into a contract more powerful than anything a lawyer could ever draft, (no legal experience required). This is very out-of-the-box thinking, but it’s so powerful that a friend of Jeremy’s (an insolvency practitioner) working for Baker Tilly, one of the largest accountancy firms in the UK now recommends this strategy to all his clients).
  • The 51% Myth: Whoever has 51% or more of a company’s shares has complete control over the company…right? WRONG! – Discover one simple tweak you can make to the shareholders agreement that will give you the same power as a majority shareholder even if you only have 1% of the company.
  • Compete Clause: How to stop the previous business owners from stealing your best staff & customers and going into direct competition with you? Use a “Non-Compete Clause” right? – Nope…let me explain… “Non-Compete Clauses” don’t work anymore, they are a violation of human rights under EU law…and to enforce one requires going to the high court (which will cost £60,000+ and you will probably lose). So what is the solution? Discover one simple strategy & get your hands on a proven contract template you can use that will leave you secretly wishing they do steal your customers.
  • Trade Secrets: Private equity companies use convertible loans (which can be converted into shares at a time of your choosing) because you have more control legally over the company when it owes you money… But, how to use them to guarantee that you get paid from your deals? All will be covered in the financial engineering section of the course.
  • Forbidden Actions: Discover 3 things you must never do as a director. Most directors do at least one of these without realising they are breaking the law… Do you? Find out on day 1.

Cash Flow Tactics: Because Cash Is King

  • Cash Is King: Discover the 3 step formula for fixing the long-term cash-flow problems in almost any business type. You don’t go bust from a lack of sales, profit or turnover; it’s a lack of cash that will bury you alive. PLUS – Discover how to save a business only weeks away from closing its doors (using Jeremy’s 8 week cash-flow forecast strategy).
  • The Truth about Redundancy: It’s not as bad as you think…revealed: “The unfair dismissal myth” – PLUS why redundancy might be shockingly cheaper than you expect.
  • Cash Flow Metrics: People don’t understand the relationship between cash and profit. The truth is that there is none. Being able to measure cash-flow in a business (not profit) is vital to keep a business healthy, but no such metric or KPI (key performance indicator) seems to exist. Jeremy invented “cash flow metrics” to help measure and improve cash flow. Learn how to unlock the cash hidden in your balance sheet.
  • Rapid Debt Collection: What if you could collect on most of the company’s debts within 7 days? Would that fix a cash-starved business? Discover one simple but overlooked strategy for being able to collect debts at lighting speed. It’s simple, effective & easy to implement, but you have probably never heard of anyone doing this…

Exit Strategies: Time To Bring Home The Bacon…

  • Learning from Mistakes: A wise man learns from his mistakes. A genius learns from other peoples. Case Study: How Jeremy turned one of the first businesses he acquired (a call centre) with a £300,000 hole in the balance sheet into a £150,000 profitable company with a contract with the largest insurance company in the world…then lost it…and sold it for £1… Using the latest Harbour Club course strategies he could have turned that into a 7 figure deal instead of a 1 figure deal. Learn to avoid making this mistake to create a shortcut to your first 7 figure deal.
  • IPO Windfall Exit Strategy: When selling your company privately, you’ll be lucky to get 2-5 times its yearly profit. If you’re large enough you could use an IPO to exit your shares for up-to 15 times profit. This is an advanced strategy. Jeremy will give you case studies of IPO’s he has worked on.
  • How Much Is Your Business Worth? Harvard business school has 126 ways to value a business. Only a handful of these are worth using. Learn how to use these models selectively to get the best price for your business during your negotiations.
  • Selling is Buying: Discover 7 ways to source buyers for your business (not including business brokers). Selling a business is a bit like buying one in reverse (so you can re-use a lot of the same tactics from buying one) most importantly you can use the same due-diligence file you produced when buying the business in the first place.
  • How to Guarantee You Get Paid: When selling a business most deals include some kind of deferral but what is wrong with this model? It very rarely gets paid… Why? Because it implies some kind of warranty and is very hard legally to enforce. It requires going to the high court which will cost £60,000+ and even then you might not win. How to make sure you get paid every penny you are promised and if they don’t pay, how to legally regain control of the company so you can sell it again? Find out in the financial engineering section of the course on day 2.
  • The Exit – Who is your best customer? Your best customer is the person who buys your business. Discover how to find them…they might be closer to home than you think (hint: your suppliers could all be candidates). PLUS – How to spot things in a business that could be worth more than the business itself (commonly overlooked).

How To Close 7 Figure Deals

  • Take a Stake in a National Bank: Discover how Jeremy took a 4.9% stake in a bank in America (Texas) which had a hundred million in assets… For no cash – PLUS find out how to structure a 100% risk free deal like this yourself. There are more than 7,000 banks in the US… Globally many thousands more… They all have the same fundamental challenges that Jeremy will show you how to solve.
  • IPO Exit Strategy: The two big drivers for a company valuation are scale and liquidity (ability to buy and sell shares easily). Discover how to correctly structure an IPO to achieve compound growth in these two areas as quickly as possible.
  • Back Door Listing: An IPO is expensive… Unless you use this little known method. Discover how to do an IPO for 80% less than going through an investment bank or corporate finance company. By using this sneaky (but perfectly legal) back door route to a main market listing.
  • Virtual Roll-Up 2.0: The same concept as 1.0 (how to buy and sell multiple companies in one deal for 7 figures without even having to own them)… – However a lot has been added to the virtual roll-up strategy recently (from ideas Jeremy has tested out in the field) – For example, a new approach to corporate management and management for generation Y – PLUS a great way to create big companies fast… All this with well established market leading profitable companies (rather than distressed).
  • Going Global: How to do more cross-border, multi-jurisdiction deals so you are not left at the mercy of your local economy. Time to diversify and protect yourself against geopolitical risk.
  • Jurisdiction Arbitrage: Jurisdiction arbitrage and the IPO inversion strategy… This is all about using global solutions to maximise value… – An example of one of the many deal types in this category is: 1) Finding an established UK company and 2) Acquiring businesses from emerging markets under its name. Why? – Because a company in the UK gets a better valuation than a company in Asia, but a company in Asia has much easier profits than the UK… So put them together and you get a UK company doing well in Asia that you can sell for over 500% more than you could if they were separate. (Case studies included).

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    "Best training course on anything business related that I have ever attended!"

    - Dan Bradbury
    The Harbour Club gives you the tools and tactics to enable you to buy, sell and financially engineer businesses without the need for any capital or taking on debt. Learn more.