The Harbour Club

Case Studies


Lessons from Richard & Jamie closing 17 W.I.B.O. deals.


Suhail and Vic Gain Equity in a Mosaic Tile Company with $3 Million in Revenue.


Ioan Evans bought a debt-free engineering business near Cardiff (£500k net profit) with no money down.


Leighton Herdson bought two businesses (both doing £1.2 million in turnover) without upfront capital or debt.


Richard Pennack bought an engineering company in the UK for £1 upfront.


Derrick Seeto talks about several businesses he’s bought since doing the Harbour Club.


Hery Henry bought 1/3 of a company for €100 upfront.


Sébastien Cerise bought 5 companies using Harbour Club deal structures.


Lana and Bart partnered up to close a deal together in the US.


Ben Stewart buys two restaurant / bars in Northern Ireland.


Beverley secured a 49% stake in a company valued at 1.2 million after only few months of joining the Harbour Club.


4 months after joining the Harbour Club Paul has closed 4 deals using the Harbour Club strategies.


7 days after joining the Harbour Club Adam found 7 potential deals (he mentions how he found them in the video). His biggest deal was with a 4 million revenue company.


Steve has used the Harbour Club strategies to find 3 deals, including one that is worth 7 figures. All within 90 days of taking the plunge and becoming a member.


Chris found 4 potential deals including an 18 million a year trucking company after attending the Harbour Club.


Tony decided to use the Harbour Club strategies on his own business. He grew his business by 15% in the first 8 weeks.


Within 4 months Lee found 4 deals, including one deal to buy a 3 million revenue company for no money upfront without borrowing or debt.


Del closed a deal on his first meeting after attending the Harbour Club.


Jeanette closed 2 deals in less then 3 months of joining the Harbour Club.


We have already seen the recent case study by Paul above, but he provided this only 10 days after finishing the course, when he had already completed two 6-figure deals.


Within a week of attending The Harbour Club, Richard had already closed a deal that involved buying a distressed training company for £1.


Craig, who attended the second ever Harbour Club course back in 2009, is now doing deals in the US.


Lee closed a deal in 3 weeks by merging two IT businesses. His business is now 7 times bigger since going on the Harbour Club.


Mark bought a distressed Telecoms company for 85p within 3 months of finishing the course.


Charlene did her first no money down deal on a 900K revenue recruitment business. All within three months.


Wayne used the “Deal Pie” strategy taught in the Harbour Club to Purchase a 1.4 Million Pound Refrigerating Business after joining the Harbour Club.


Stephen bought 75% of a 2.5 Million deal. He used some interesting strategies to buy his first B2B business.


Del bought the first of his 4 businesses post-Harbour Club, which interestingly enough is the salon where he cuts his hair.


Ross bought an occupational health business to bolt on to his own.


Simon bought a healthcare recruitment business.


Della K. Case Study


Krystof closes his first deal in the Czech Republic.


Hetas and Brian bought an $8 million electrical contractor in Australia


Thierry Lambert bought a healthcare business for €1 upfront.


Darren Taylor bought a franchise business for no money down.


Tom Volpe bought a recruitment company a few months after attending the Harbour Club


Daniel Kepka bought an electrical contracting business for nothing upfront in Canada.


Susanna Hancock bought an interior fit-out business doing £1.2 million turnover for no money down.


Tom Sawyer bought a 50% stake in a flooring company for nothing upfront.


Brandon bought an outdoor shelter company in New Zealand for no money down.

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