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Jeremy listing his first company on the NASDAQ stock market

Who is Jeremy Harbour?

Jeremy Harbour helps entrepreneurs structure creative deals with asymmetric risk, using strategies that work globally. In the past two decades he’s bought and sold over 100 companies and advised on more than 200 acquisitions.

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Jeremy is a global leader in the field of small business mergers & acquisitions. Based out of Singapore, he owns investments in 12 countries, has bought and sold over 100 companies, and advised on more than 200 acquisitions.

Jeremy has been a chairman, director, senior advisor & mentor to numerous international companies throughout his career.

Jeremy is a global leader in the field of small business mergers & acquisitions. Based out of Singapore, he owns investments in 12 countries, has bought and sold over 100 companies, and advised on more than 200 acquisitions.

Jeremy has been a chairman, director, senior advisor & mentor to numerous international companies throughout his career.

Jeremy is the CEO and Founder of a private equity firm specialising in helping entrepreneurs grow their business.

He’s also an Advisory Director for The Mint National Bank and DBS Business Class Advisor.

Jeremy founded “The Harbour Club” in 2009. A global community for people to learn M&A based on real-life tried and tested tactics and strategies for buying, fixing, and selling businesses.

Throughout his career, Jeremy has been three-time runner-up Coutts Entrepreneur of the Year in the UK, provided mentoring to The Prince’s Trust, and has been invited to Buckingham Palace and The British Houses of Parliament to advise on matters of business and enterprise.

Jeremy is regularly featured in the British and international media including the BBC, The Sunday Times, Financial Times, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Money, CNBC, Daily Telegraph and The Money Channel.

Jeremy attended Clayesmore School until high school exam level, while running his own business at a young age.

He lives in Singapore with his wife and their two children.

During this free 21-day email course you’ll discover...
Module #1 – How To Source Deals
Why buying and selling businesses during the coming decade will be one of the greatest opportunities of our lifetime. - Day 1
The 4 areas on which entrepreneurs should focus their attention to create wealth without doing more sales or marketing. - Day 1
3 motivations that allowed Jeremy to buy a business owner’s IT company for nothing upfront. (Hint: “money” was not one of them.) - Day 2
The sourcing method that provides a reliable and steady flow of leads. (One student has completed 15 deals with this.) - Day 3
Forget seeking the help of insolvency practitioners or business brokers! You’ll discover the reason you shouldn’t buy companies listed for sale and what to do instead. - Day 3
Module #2 – How To Build Rapport and Fact Find
The best way to protect yourself from a recession. (Jeremy learnt this painful lesson after losing a call centre business that generated £800,000 ($992,000) net profit per year before the 2008 crisis.) - Day 4
The common advice from lawyers and accountants that kills potential deals with business owners, and what to do instead. - Day 5
How to position yourself strategically to reach more business owners and have productive conversations. - Day 5
Module #3 – How To Structure Zero Cash Upfront Deals
How Jeremy’s student (Gauri) bought a £3.2 million business for zero cash upfront. (Deep-dive case study video presentation included.) - Day 6
The vital business purchase that’s cheaper than a hardback book. (Never ever do deals without this.) - Day 9
The 9 “Deal Pie” elements to structure zero cash upfront deals. (One of them is deferred payments.) - Day 7
How Jeremy acquired a company that generated $92 million dollars in revenue for no cash upfront. (His biggest deal to date.) - Day 10
Discover 12 of the 14 “cookie-cutter” deal structure templates we teach to buy companies for zero cash upfront. - Day 8
3 reasons global capital ignores the small business sector. Plus, the new model that helps entrepreneurs scale and exit at much higher multiples. (Hint: It’s not with Roll-ups.) - Day 10
How Jeremy’s student Chris (from the USA) used the Harbour Club “Property Split” strategy to buy a business and quickly flip the attached property for $68,000. - Day 8
How students have earned 6-7 figure stakes in businesses by having Jeremy close deals for them. - Day 11
Module #4 – How To Meet and Close Deals
11 words that virtually guarantee you get a deal done. (This works wonders once you’ve reached the “meet and close” stage of negotiations.) - Day 12
How Steve (one of Jeremy’s students) overcame a business owner’s surprise request for an extra £50,000 and bought the company for zero cash upfront. Plus, the document that rescued his £1.7 million deal from falling apart. - Day 13
Module #5 – Legal Hacks
How to stop the previous owner from running off with all your best staff and customers. Sadly, “non-compete” clauses don’t work. You’ll discover what to do instead. - Day 14
How to ensure you get paid your fair share of profits when you take a small stake in a company. This strategy was born after Jeremy received zero dividends despite having a 40% stake in a music school. (It made £2 million of net profit.) - Day 15
Module #6 – Strategies To Fix and Improve Businesses
Cash is king. Businesses don’t go bust from a lack of profit but a lack of cash. In this lesson, you’ll learn the “4 quadrants” strategy to improve cash flow problems. - Day 16
The management strategy Jeremy used to increase the gross profits of his telecom business by 30%. - Day 17
How to get an extra 7 days’ credit terms from your supplier without getting complaints. (You don’t even need to contact them to use this simple payment hack.) - Day 16
The simple tweak that can add up to 40% net profit to a business. - Day 17
Module #7 – Exit Strategies
Warning: You must remove yourself from a business before you sell or you’ll end up wearing golden handcuffs. Buyers don't want jobs. They want experienced managers to run their companies. In lesson #18 you’ll discover how to find the most qualified and talented CEO to run your business before you exit. (Tip: Never recruit a CEO who is available for hire.) - Day 18
The valuation model that allowed Jeremy to sell a health club for 6-figures even though it made zero profit. - Day 19
Module #8 – Wealth Creation Strategies
The financial hack that allows you to borrow cash for investments, boats, cars or anything you want at 0.7% per year. (Yes, you heard that right. You could borrow $100,000 for only $700 of interest per year.) - Day 20
How Jeremy bought a 43-foot Azimut Yacht for 40% below market value with cash he borrowed at 0.7%. (It only cost him 1,470 euros per year in interest.) Plus, how he flipped the yacht for a profit 2 years later and got another deal just like it. - Day 21
How Jeremy makes a 20-30% return on tech stocks (like Apple and Amazon) without buying them. Plus, the financial hack he used to drive a nearly new Maserati Levante SUV for 5 months at a total cost of only 200 euros. - Day 21
And much much more…
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