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Jeremy listing his first company on the NASDAQ stock market

Who is Jeremy Harbour?

Jeremy helps entrepreneurs acquire businesses without using cash up front. In the past two decades, he’s bought and sold over 100 companies in dozens of industries all over the world. Just recently, Jeremy listed a company called “MBH Corporation PLC” with a 39 million euro market cap on the Frankfurt stock market.

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Inside this free report you’ll discover…

  • How To Source Deals:

    The long-forgotten 17th century technique to get past gatekeepers and capture the attention of distressed companies (One student secured 8 deals using just this one technique!) p.22

  • The Insider’s Buying Secret

    Forget seeking out insolvency practitioners or business brokers! Page 12 reveals why you should never buy businesses advertised “for sale”… and 3 places to find winning deals instead – p.12

  • How To Negotiate Deals

    The 11-word phrase that melts away friction from the bargaining process and creates a true win-win situation for you and the seller. p.16

  • How to Position Yourself

    Why you should not position yourself as a buyer and what to do instead… This rookie mistake could cost you years of wasted time, effort and missed opportunities. p.10

  • Secure Companies Without Cash

    The “perfect storm scenario” to secure companies without money down… Jeremy used this to secure a $12 million dollar sports sponsorship company with no capital and an IT company for £1. p.14

  • How To Structure Deals

    Did you know that cash is not your only bargaining chip to purchase companies? Discover 9 ingredients that make up your “deal pie” (One of them: Pay the previous owner partly with their own shares. Why would they accept this? Find out on Page 17.)

  • How To Maximise Your Sell Price

    Discover how Jeremy commanded an extra £100,000 when he sold an electrical engineering company. This simple “funnelling” strategy allowed him to sell a £150k company for £250k. How did he do it? The answer is on page 19.

  • How To Legally Protect Yourself

    Warning: Don’t make yourself director or shareholder when you buy a company. If you do, you might be one court case away from going bankrupt. Page 21 reveals the bullet-proof strategy that avoids legal sticky situations and protects your assets … use this to enjoy more security and peace of mind. p.21

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