Free PDF Report: How to buy a company without cash upfront or debt.

Why should you never buy a franchise?

Franchise businesses are always the worst ones to buy, but why? Inside this free (instantly downloadable) PDF report about how to buy a company without cash upfront or debt. you will discover:

Deal Structuring: How to acquire a business without using any money? Simple. By understanding the sellers motivations (I.E. what is more valuable to them than money). Case study: Sport sponsorships company, 12 million in revenue (page 5). An in-depth understanding of the sellers motivations is far more important to focus your energy on than the asking price. As in the above case study example, Jeremy managed to secure a controlling stake of a 12 million dollar company without using any capital.

The 51% Myth: It’s a common belief that whoever owns 51% of a company holds all the cards, you may be surprised to learn that this is wrong… Discover how to take a controlling stake without taking the technical majority of 51% or the majority rule stake of 76%.

How to Position Yourself: Lower resistance when approaching potential deals by using this one simple framing technique. PLUS – Case Study: How Jeremy acquired an air- conditioning business without using any money upfront, borrowing or debt with this technique.

Franchise: Buying a franchise is a bit like buying a Job, you have to pay a huge upfront fee for the privilege of working 16 hour days 7 days a week for very little income but turning the businesses you acquire for no money upfront into franchises is a good cash generation strategy.

Sourcing Acquisition Deals: After franchises the worst businesses to buy are the ones already listed for sale, why? Because business brokers set unrealistic value expectations to justify their fees, this makes negotiation much harder. Discover how to source businesses that are not on the market to get the best deals. Revealed inside (page 3) one simple tactic on how to source deals from angel investments websites (and acquire the businesses without having to invest in them).

  • jeremy-harbour-270x270Jeremy Harbour – Published author & public speaker on the topic of mergers and acquisitions, shares his experience from buying & selling over 100 SME sized businesses in the past 20 years. His claim to fame which has been written about in The Times, Telegraph & Financial Times newspapers is his creative deal structures, which reveal how to pick-up established 500k to 5 million turnover businesses for little or no upfront capital – without borrowing or debt.These strategies work worldwide, and have been tested in the UK, USA, Singapore, Australia, South Africa, and many other countries…
Karl Whitfield

“I have done an MBA, the tools there are nothing compared to what Jeremy has to offer” – Nick Winton – (Non Executive Director)

“All I can say is “wow”, with an accountancy and finance background this really hits home to see how business really works. We are now on the verge of our first acquisition which I hope will be the first of many. A new direction in my business life, cheers” – Richard

“I came with high expectations and all were thoroughly exceeded” – Name withheld – senior M&A person from a division of Microsoft

“Information you cannot get anywhere else – highly recommended” – Paul Higgs – CEO of Millbank Group


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